New multivariate feasibility research: income by ethnicity

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Developing subnational multivariate income by ethnicity statistics from administrative data, England, tax year ending 2016

31 August 2022

Today we have published new feasibility research on developing subnational multivariate income by ethnicity statistics from administrative data for England. This initial case study is the first time we have produced an initial assessment of the coverage for admin-based income by ethnicity statistics (ABIES) for the tax year ending 2016 as part of our feasibility research. 

By combining admin-based ethnicity statistics and admin-based income statistics (ABIS), we were able to establish both an ethnicity and an income for 77.0% of people aged 16 years and over in the Statistical Population Dataset (SPD) for England. 

We also found that the proportion of individuals with income data and a stated ethnicity is lowest in London (65.0%) and highest in the North West (81.6%) and in Yorkshire and The Humber (81.4%). 

We welcome your feedback on this research and the methodology used to produce admin-based income by ethnicity statistics, including how they might be improved. 

Email us your comments and questions and include 'Income by Ethnicity' in the subject line of your response. 

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