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Waste and recycling


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We want your cardboard but not your foil this Easter


Have an ‘egg-cellent’ Easter

Around 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are eaten in the UK each year generating around 4,500 tons of extra packaging. A study by Which? revealed that packaging alone accounts for up to a quarter of the total weight of the most popular Easter eggs on sale on the High Street. It’s great to see that manufacturers have listened to consumers and many are starting to use packaging that can be widely recycled. Choose your eggs wisely and try to avoid ones with extra gifts like mugs or egg cups that might not be used by the recipient.

Once you’ve enjoyed your egg please recycle right:

  • place all your empty card chocolate egg boxes in your kerbside recycling bin
  • no foil or plastic packaging in your kerbside recycling bin - put these in your general waste
  • if a cardboard box has plastic attached please remove it before popping it in the recycling
  • some ‘plastic’ windows are made from cellulose and are labelled as compostable but please don’t put these in your garden waste bin – they should be put into your general waste

Become a Waste Warrior this Easter

Waste Warriors

If you’re looking for a fun way to educate your young ones about recycling and the environment over the Easter holidays, take a look at our education resources.

You’ll meet the Waste Warriors who’ll lead you through a set of challenges based on what happens to the things you put in your bins at home, together with a variety of other creative reuse and story-based activities.

You may even learn a few things yourself!

Find out more about our Notts Recycles education resources

Extended opening for recycling centres

Recycling centre

With lighter evenings on the way, our 12 recycling centres have extended their opening times from the beginning of April by two hours.

The recycling centres will be open from 8am to 8pm every day of the week.

Sites are traditionally busy over the Easter weekend so if you can please take advantage of the longer opening times and visit a site during the evening, which tends to be quieter, or mid-week when visitor numbers are lower.

Find your nearest recycling centre 

Community RePaint scheme

Free paint

Nottinghamshire residents and community groups can donate unwanted paint or pick up some reusable paint for free - thanks to the Community RePaint Nottinghamshire scheme run by Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste and recycling partners).

More than half of us have between four and 20 tins of perfectly good paint gathering dust and taking up valuable space in our homes. If you’d like to see your unwanted paint put to good use please take it to one of our participating recycling centres (no appointment necessary): Beeston, Calverton, Newark, Warsop and place it in the drop off container or hand it to a member of staff.

If you’re in need of paint for your own home DIY project or for your community group, you can book a collection slot. We can’t guarantee colours, types or quantities but there’s usually a good range to choose from.

Find out more and book a collection

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Thursday 22 April is Earth Day when more than a billion people worldwide come together to play their part in protecting our world. The theme for this year is ‘Invest In Our Planet. What Will You Do?’

You can join them by ensuring all your household plastic bottles go in the recycling bin. Did you know that only about half the plastic bottles used in the UK make it into recycling? When you’re out and about look out for on street recycling bins and if you can’t find one, take your plastic bottle with you to recycle back at home.

Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to light a 60w bulb for 6 hours. Please remember to wash, squash and replace the tops.

International Compost Awareness Week

This year International Compost Awareness Week is 1 to 7 May. It’s the biggest date in the composting calendar - encouraging us all to work together to raise awareness about how easy it is to turn our organic waste into a beneficial compost.

Home composting is a great way to reduce your waste, improve your garden and reduce your carbon footprint. A year of home composting saves as much CO2 as the amount  produced by your kettle in a year.

Find out how easy it is to compost at home

Man using a compost bin

Are you battery savvy?

Never put batteries or electrical items in your kerbside bin

Being battery savvy means never throwing batteries away with general rubbish or other recycling and understanding that used batteries must only be recycled using specialist battery recycling services.

Used batteries thrown away with other waste and recycling are likely to be crushed or punctured once the waste is collected and processed. Some battery types in particular, like lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH), can ignite or even explode when they’re damaged. Once this happens, the batteries can quickly set fire to other materials present in the waste, like paper, leading to serious incidents that put lives at risk and disrupt services.

It’s not always obvious that a product contains a battery, so they can be thrown into the bins by mistake. In particular, products like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, radio-controlled toys, bluetooth devices, shavers, electric toothbrushes, power tools, scooters and even e-cigarettes contain batteries that are hidden or difficult to access.

Please recycle your batteries safely using designated collection points at a recycling centre or electronics retailer.

Preventing battery fires

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations


This year marks 70 years of our queen’s reign. Queen Elizabeth II will be the first British monarch to reach this milestone and celebrations are planned from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June. To mark the event we all get an extra Bank Holiday on Friday 3 June.

If you are joining the celebrations and would like to make some homemade bunting using recycled materials why not check out our easy to follow video? There are also other great ideas for reusing unwanted textiles. Each video is accompanied by a step-by-step downloadable guide.

Find out more and watch the videos

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