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Consumer advice and scams


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Two women laughing while Christmas shopping

Are you a last minute Christmas shopper...?

You don't need to deny it to us (we know there's plenty of you out there!). Whether you're a weekend before Christmas kind of person or you leave it all until Christmas Eve, we're here to remind you not to feel panicked into buying presents from fake shopping sites and not to fall foul of seasonal scams. 

So what can you do to help yourself shop safely before the big day?

  • Keep your accounts secure 
  • Choose carefully where you shop
  • Use a credit card for online payments if you have one
  • Only provide enough details to complete your purchase
  • Be aware of emails, text messages or websites that look too good to be true or suspicious

Happy shopping!

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Don't toy with safety

Toys in front of cloud wallpaper

It's easy to get caught up in the Christmas shopping bubble isn't it? And while we're not here to burst the festive bubble, we do have some important advice for you on toy safety. 

Making sure to buy from only reputable retailers is one of the most important things when it comes to buying toys. It's also a good idea to research and compare different online sellers before making a purchase and to keep in mind that sometimes bargains can be too good to be true...

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So, you want to be more green…

Be #GreenAndWise

That’s great! Things like making our homes more energy efficient and buying products which have less impact on the environment are an important part of how we can meet our UK climate change target, BUT…

…it’s not always easy to feel confident when making these decisions, and unfortunately, there are some misleading claims and things called ‘green scams’ out there.

But don't worry because we're here to help you be #GreenAndWise. 

Find top tips and steps to take to be a confident eco friendly customer.

Join the scamnesty

Scamnesty logo

If you, or someone you know is in receipt of scam or nuisance mail, the National Trading Standards Scams Team's Investigators want to see it!

Throughout December, you can send any scam or nuisance mail to them FREE of charge. Simply send to:

NTSST, FREEPOST, MAIL MARSHALS (no need for a stamp)

So, if you're visiting loved ones this Christmas, why not have a chat with them about scams and join the scamnesty!

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Stay alert to Covid-19 scams

Woman typing on laptop keyboard

With so much information out there about covid-19 and the new variant Omicron, it's all the more important to make sure that you're only getting information from trusted and official sources. 

Unfortunately scammers are trying to impersonate organisations such as the NHS to get people to "apply now for Omicron PCR test to avoid restrictions."

Please be aware that these communications are FAKE and that they are likely to be an attempt to gain access to your personal information, including your bank details. 

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Be alert to impersonation scams

Elderly man oh the phone holding his bank card

Nottinghamshire Police has received a spike in reports of scam telephone calls from fraudsters impersonating police officers or stating that they are from the ‘Fraud Squad’.

Victims have been told that their bank account has been compromised and that to catch the suspect, money needs to be transferred to another bank account.

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Report a scam