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Waste and Recycling


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Welcome to the September edition of the waste and recycling e-newsletter.

Find information on:

  • Our Go Green 30 Day Challenge
  • Recycle Week
  • Waste free packed lunches
  • Love your leftovers toffee crumble recipe
  • Autumn recycling centre opening hours
  • and more!

Go Green for September

image text says have you signed up to our 30 day challenge

It’s not too late to sign up for the Go Green challenge & help fight climate change. Over 1550 residents have already joined the challenge and you can be part of it too!

When you sign up you will receive a daily dose of green goodness straight to your inbox with tips and challenges to complete throughout September. There will also be some fantastic prizes to be won.

Each challenge will show you how you can help make a difference at home in your everyday life, giving us all the chance to break old habits and form new, green ones.

Find out more and sign up

Step it up this Recycle Week

image text says step it up this recycle week

Recycle Week kicks off on 20 September.

This national celebration of recycling returns for its 18th year with a theme of ‘Step it up’ to help fight climate change. The aim of the week is to encourage us all to recycle more of the right things, more often.

Check what you can recycle in Notts by downloading our BinSmart guide.

Are you BinSmart?

Back to school - waste free lunches

purple lunch box with sandwiches, fruit and a cup of orange juice

Time to dust off the lunchboxes the kids are back at school.

We have some great ideas for creating a waste-free lunch:

  • Use containers that can be used again e.g. tupperware, a flask or an old ice cream tub
  • Pack drinks in a reusable bottle rather than cartons or foil pouches
  • Avoid using disposable packaging and individually wrapped snacks. Instead buy one large pack and then put a serving each day in a smaller reusable container (this also saves money!)
  • Use cutlery that can be washed and used again
  • Choose fruit as your snack of choice, not only is this a healthy option, but the leftovers can be composted

By doing the above you'll be creating a lunch which produces as little food and packaging waste as possible.

Yummy toffee apple crumble

image text says a tasty way to use up leftover food

Don’t let your apples get left in the bowl or become some of the 4.4 million apples that get wasted every day in the UK.

Nothing beats the crunch of a toffee apple on a crisp autumnal evening, so this is a fantastic way to use up any apples by turning them into this yummy version of a crumble.

View recipe

Recycling aerosols

animated GIF showing what happens when you put a recycling can into the recycling bin

Almost 33% of Notts residents think aerosol or spray cans can't be recycled.

The good news is they definitely can so next time you have an empty deodorant, polish or air freshener spray pop it in your household recycling bin so it can be recycled into something brand new.

When recycling aerosols remember to:

  • Ensure they are completely empty before recycling
  • Do not pierce, crush or flatten them
  • Detach any loose or easily removable parts, such as the lid and dispose of these in your general waste
  • Pop the empty aerosol can in the recycling bin and send it on its recycling journey

Make sure your whole household know that aerosols can be recycled.

Leaving for university

Are you busy packing all the essentials that will be needed for a family member's year at University?

Before you wave them off, encourage them not to forget their recycling habits and to learn about the recycling services in their new town/city.

Most universities are committed to sustainable waste management & a quick check of their webpage will give you more information about what to do when on campus.

student sat on their bed making revision notes with a cup of tea

Recycling centre opening hours

man emptying recycling of textiles are clothes bank at recycling centre

Don’t forget local recycling centres are still open 8am - 8pm until the end of September.

From the 1 October recycling centres will be open from 8am - 6pm.

Find your closest centre 

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Don’t waste any time complete the Big Notts Survey today

image text reads I want people to stop producing so much waste. Image of young boy encouraging people to take part in the Big Notts Survey

Waste management is just one of the big issues and challenges that Nottinghamshire faces over the next 10-years and beyond.

The Big Notts Survey is your chance to share your hopes and concerns for you, your family and community as we continue to recover from pandemic and to look further into the future to make a better Nottinghamshire for us all.

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete but what you say will be central to the Council’s 10-year plan that will be published this autumn.

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