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Waste and Recycling


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Recycle Week

Thank you for recycling in Nottinghamshire!

It's Recycle Week and this year we want to celebrate the recycling efforts of Nottinghamshire residents whilst saying a big THANK YOU to our recycling and waste key workers who have continued to deliver essential services during the coronavirus outbreak. 

From competitions to everyday simple swaps this special Recycle Week newsletter is full of recycling goodness!

Do you know a recycling champion?

Small everyday changes, make a big difference.

If as an individual, a family, household, school, community group or charity you’ve been recycling, reusing, or re-purposing more - or wasting less and would like to feature as one of our Recycling Champions we’d love to hear from you. OR if someone you know is a recycling champion nominate them and let's celebrate Nottinghamshire's Recycling Champions!

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Recycling Champions

Competition time

As a thank you from us to you for your recycling efforts Nottinghamshire, we've got some fantastic giveaways you can enter...

WIN a compost bin!

We have 50 compost bins to giveaway to Nottinghamshire residents. This Recycle Week, why not learn a little more about home composting, it's a fantastic way to make the most of your raw veg peelings and grass cuttings.

Enter our competition and if you're one of our lucky winners you can start to try home composting this autumn!

Learn more and enter

Home composting

WIN a Notts Recycles recycling bag!

We're giving away cotton recycling bags to help make it easier to collect the recyclables that sometimes end up in the rubbish bin at home. These bags are also a great way to collect all your bathroom recyclables in one place rather than having to sort through the bathroom bin!

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Win a cotton recycling bag

Simple switches that can make big changes

Making environmentally conscious choices is now becoming a lot easier in our everyday lives. If we all make small changes it can help make a big difference, here’s a few ideas to try at home:

  • Look in your cupboards: Use up surplus ingredients to save them going to waste and take a look at refill shops to just buy what you need.
  • Check your fridge: Check your dates and remember that lots of things can go in the freezer - egg whites, cheese, bread, even cake!
  • Seasonal shopping: Where possible buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Eating seasonally is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy fresh produce. 
  • Ditch the unwrap: Consider the packaging and see if there are any alternatives with reduced or recyclable covering.
  • Switch it up: Think about what you could switch in your daily life to waste less and reuse or recycle more. Could you change orange juice cartons to bottles so they can go in your home recycling bin? Change disposable nappies for reusable ones? Or carry a reusable water bottle when you're out and about rather than buying a bottle of water?
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Plastic fantastic

plastic bottle image

Almost 16 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK even though every type of plastic bottle can be recycled - including drinks bottles, cleaning spray bottles, shampoo, and shower gel bottles, milk and pop bottles.

It takes 75% less energy to use recycled plastic to make a new plastic bottle than to make one from ‘virgin’ materials, but recycled plastic bottles don’t just become new plastic bottles, they can be turned into clothing, furniture and children’s toys!

This recycle week make sure all your plastic bottles go into the recycling bin, along with cans, tins, aerosols, paper, cardboard, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. Just remember to rinse out and remove the lids!

Download Notts Recycling guide

Seasonal recipe cards

Image of a bowl of tomato soup


We're in to tomato season! If you've tried growing them at home this year you'll soon be enjoying the just picked vine ripe taste, but if you have a glut, they can be easily turned into something tasty like tomato & pepper soup!

Check out our range of delicious autumn leftover recipes to try.

Download recipes

Recycling top tips

  • All clean paper and cardboard can go into your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Shredded paper and card or paper with glitter or foil cannot be recycled. Pop them in your general waste bin or use the shredded paper for bedding for pets.
  • Cans, tins and aerosols can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Plastic bottles, margarine tubs and yoghurt pots can go into your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Remember that waste electronics cannot go in your kerbside bins at home - remove the batteries and take them to any of the 12 Recycling Centres in Nottinghamshire.
  • Help us all to recycle more by ensuring that nappies, food waste, glass and textiles don’t go into your kerbside recycling bin.

Did you know?

All the green waste collected in garden waste bins across the county is transformed right here in Nottinghamshire. It is turned into compost for local farmers fields, helping more to be grown in our County.

Watch the latest video about Oxton Composting facility to find out more.

Watch video

Last chance for applications to the RRR Fund

reduce reuse recycle fund

Schools, Community Groups and Charities can apply for grants of up to £1000 to help fund Reduce, Reuse & Recycling projects across Nottinghamshire.

Applications close 28 September 2020.

Find out more and apply


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