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This month is Sons and Daughters month; we are excited to celebrate the wonderful birth children of our foster carers across the county and the important role they play in a fostering household!

Foster carer conference

A huge thank you to all of you who were able to make it to our foster carer conference in September. We hope you enjoyed the day and appreciate the feedback you gave us which will help shape our future staff and carer service days.

Sons and Daughters month

Fostering Network

October is Sons and Daughters month!

We are looking forward to sending out certificates and gift vouchers to our carers birth children in the coming weeks, if your own child is under the age of 18 please keep your eyes peeled for those coming through. This campaign was launched by The Fostering Network and you can access additional celebratory material and competitions for your birth children via your membership with the Fostering Network.

Visit the Fostering Network

Mind of My Own app


In September, the new Mind of My Own app was launched for Looked After Children across Nottinghamshire, as a way for them to communicate and express their wishes and feelings to workers in a child-friendly and accessible way. There will be some training sessions for foster carers coming up in the near future which will help you understand the app and how it will be used by your young person.  

Youth Service

Youth service

Nottinghamshire County Council's Youth Service is proud to be able to provide frequent and regular youth work sessions to people aged 10 to 19, increasing to 25 for young people with a disability. The youth centres and mobile youth provisions give young people a safe place to go, a range fun things to do, and supportive youth workers there to listen and provide support. They are a great place for young people to socialise in a supportive environment.

Activities range from various forms of arts and crafts, indoor games such as pool and table tennis, access to a tuck shop (with opportunities to help prepare, serve, and enjoy snacks), table top activities such as group games and traditional board games and quizzes, as well as providing opportunities to participate in fun and adventurous trips out, and much much more...

You can find further details of your local Young People's Centre or Youth Club by searching in the directory which provides specific times, dates and contact details for local youth workers.

View the directory

Care of babies training event


The care of babies training will be delivered by Jenny Gilbert, Specialist Midwife for Infant Feeding, Neonatal Unit, Kings Mill Hospital.

The training will include:

  • Care of the newborn
  • initiation of feeding
  • early attachments / brain development
  • safe sleeping
  • withdrawal

If you care for babies as a main placement or as a support carer then please email Fiona Towers to confirm your place -  

For those of you currently caring for babies, you are welcome to bring them along!

Event details:

15 October 2019, 10am – 12noon

Calverton Village Hall,
Park Rd,
NG14 6LE

Strengths and difficulties questionnaires SDQs


Your role as a foster carer is important in so many ways; particularly the ongoing physical and emotional health of the looked after child in your care. A big part of this is completing the strengths and difficulties questionnaire on behalf of your child which forms part of their annual health review. Completing it in advance of the health meeting means that it identifies anything the LAC nurse may need to look up and prepare for the meeting. This data is very important as it also tells us if there is any additional support that the fostering service can offer e.g. from the family workers. Your timely completion of these SDQs is greatly appreciated.

Have your say!


We will be sending out our annual Foster Carers' Survey via email this month, so please keep an eye out for it. Your feedback is so valuable to us and we use it to try to improve our service as well as our recruitment of new foster carers!