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Important Update: Selective and Additional Licensing

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We have crucial updates to share regarding licensing schemes in Nottingham City that will impact your rental properties. Your compliance with these schemes is essential to maintaining a successful and lawful rental business.

Selective Licensing Scheme Update:
The second Selective Licensing scheme has received official approval and is set to commence on December 1st, 2023. If you already hold a current Selective Licence, there's no need to reapply until your existing licence expires. For new applications and comprehensive scheme details, please visit this link:

Additionally, you can verify if your property falls under the Selective Licensing scheme by visiting this page or using the Insight Mapping tool under the Housing and Property layers:

Check under the Housing and Property layers:

Additional Licensing Scheme for HMOs Update:
The further Additional Licensing scheme for HMOs has also received official approval and is scheduled to launch on January 1st, 2024, covering the entire Nottingham City Council area. Just like with Selective Licensing, if you currently hold an HMO Licence, there's no immediate need to reapply until your existing licence expires. To determine if your property falls under this Licensing scheme, you can use the same resources as mentioned above. For detailed scheme information and applications, please visit these links:

To apply and find further details of the scheme visit:

We urge all landlords to stay informed and act in accordance with these licensing updates. Compliance ensures not only the success of your rental business but also the quality and safety of housing for tenants in Nottingham City.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to providing quality housing for our community.


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Nottingham Insight Mapping under the ‘Housing and Property’ layers;


New Government Guidance on Damp and Mould: Ensuring Safe and Healthy Homes


In our commitment to keeping you informed about the latest updates in the world of landlordship, we're pleased to share the recent release of updated guidance by the Government. This guidance is centred around 'Understanding and addressing the health risks of damp and mould in the home.'

You can access the full guidance document directly on the government's official website by following this link:

At its core, this guidance emphasizes the importance of safe, warm, and dry living conditions for all residents in the UK. As landlords, it's incumbent upon us to provide accommodations that are not only comfortable but also free from serious hazards, including the presence of damp and mould.

Furthermore, the guidance underscores the significance of promptly addressing cases of damp and mould. Ensuring the health and well-being of our tenants should always be our top priority.

We encourage all landlords to take the time to review the government's guidance thoroughly and implement any necessary measures to ensure your rental properties meet these essential health and safety standards.

By staying informed and taking proactive steps, we can collectively contribute to healthier and happier living environments for our tenants, while also complying with our legal obligations as landlords.

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Supporting Your Tenants: Unlocking Financial Resources in Nottingham


In these challenging times, it's essential to ensure that your tenants have access to the support they need, especially when it comes to managing their finances and securing their housing. We're pleased to share valuable information about resources available in Nottingham to assist your tenants during financial difficulties.

The Nottingham Financial Resilience Partnership is working tirelessly with various services across the city to help prevent financial hardship and provide guidance and aid when needed. Here are some essential contacts for welfare and debt advice services in Nottingham:

Welfare and Debt Advice Services:

  • Bestwood Advice: 0115 962 6519

Citizens Advice Nottingham & District;

  • Consumer: 0808 223 1133
  • Housing: 0115 945 3970
  • Help to Claim Universal Credit: 0800 144 8444
  • Debt: 0115 945 3989
  • All other inquiries: 0808 278 7974
  • Clifton Advice: 0115 940 5551
  • Nottingham Law Centre: 0115 978 7813
  • Meadows Advice: 0115 986 0197
  • St Ann's Advice: 0115 950 6867 (or debt: 0115 908 1530)

Welfare Rights, Nottingham City Council: 0115 915 1355

Age UK Notts (pension-age benefits only): 0115 844 0011

Debt Advice Services:

Step Forward Money Advice: 0115 988 7069

West Bridgford Debt Centre (CAP): Call via the national CAP number 0800 328 006

Step Change Debt Charity (national phone line)

National Debt Line (national phone line)

For a comprehensive list of money help services in the city, please visit this link:

Ensuring that your tenants have access to these resources can make a significant difference in their lives and your rental business. Let's work together to support our tenants and build a stronger community.

Together, let's make a positive impact in our community. Thank you for your dedication and compassion!

Nottingham Financial Resilience Partnership

Landlords and Managing Agents Reminder: Nottingham City Forums this October!

Quality housing for all

The Council has got its next forum meetings over the next two weeks with landlord and managing agents that have already put themselves forward to work with the Council on a range of issues.

Previously we have discussed the Compliance with licence conditions, EPC queries, the Housing Strategy, Student Living Strategy and Planning queries.

Thank you for your participation and contribution in making Nottingham a better place for both landlords and tenants.

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