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Have your say on Waste and Recycling

Waste Strategy

Nottingham City Council are changing waste and recycling collections in the city and we would like to hear your views.

The Government has set a national target to increase the amount of waste recycled in England to 65%, while keeping waste that ends up in landfill below 10%.

Nottingham is already a national leader in capturing energy from waste that is not recycled, and we only send around 8% of waste to landfill. However, our recycling rates need to be improved and Government is also introducing new collection rules on Councils with regards to recycling and food waste collections to deliver more consistency across England.

To achieve these targets set by the UK Government, Nottingham City Council has been developing a new strategy for how waste and recycling is collected from homes and businesses in the city.

To help shape the final strategy, we want you to tell us your thoughts.

Find out more and complete the online survey (open until 14 December)

Waste & Recycling Strategy - Have Your Say

Private rented licensing explained

If you’re a Nottingham Landlord, do you know what housing licence you might need, or if you need a licence to rent out a property in Nottingham?

Nottingham operates three different types –  

  1. Selective Licence  
  2. Additional HMO Licence  
  3. Mandatory HMO Licence

Check which licence you might need

Check if a property is in a licensable area

Private rented licensing explained

Complying with Housing Licence Conditions

If you are a Licence Holder of a rented property in Nottingham, you are responsible for complying with the conditions attached to your licence. 

Please make sure you read your licence conditions thoroughly to ensure you understand the conditions, what your responsibilities are, and what information/documents you should have available when asked for them.

Nottingham’s Licensing Teams regularly carry out checks to confirm that licence conditions are being met. This includes a request for information/documents required for a Licence Holders Compliance Audit. A Compliance Audit is a desktop check of documents required to satisfy your licence conditions. If an agent manages your property, you should contact them to provide any information or documents that you cannot provide yourself.


Licence conditions being checked include:

  • Having in place a written Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) plan; Guidance on how to create a written ASB procedure, if one is not already in place, can be found here
  • Relevant training on the law and legal requirements; Licence Holders need to have taken relevant training on the law and legal requirements relating to managing privately rented housing, either within three years prior to the licence being granted, or within 12 months from when the licence was granted. A list of suitable courses can be found under Appendix 4 of the Licence.
  • Safety Certificates such as Electrical, Gas, Fire and Emergency Lighting systems.


Top tips for compliance

  • Read all of the conditions attached to your licence carefully.
  • Make sure your contact details held by the Council are up to date. (Change of email address/name/home and work addresses or new mobile number etc.)
  • Keep in regular contact with your property manager.
  • Inform the council if anything changes – for example, you sell the property/ change your managing agent or want to change the number of occupants in the property.
  • Check your spam folder for Nottingham City Council emails.
  • Respond to audits within the 28 days or any other specific timescales you are given - read any correspondence, emails, and notices etc. carefully.
  • Don’t believe everything you read on social media groups, do your own research.
  • Good management practices will ensure compliance.
  • If you are unsure - just ask.

If you require any guidance, please contact

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Do you or your tenants want to make a difference where you live?

Clean Champions

Do you want to make a difference in the neighbourhood that your property is in?

Sign up to Nottingham Clean Champions volunteering scheme to help keep neighbourhoods litter-free. This programme is open to residents (including Landlords), schools, groups, and businesses across Nottingham City.

You’ll be provided with all the kit required, which includes a hi-vis jacket, gloves, a litter-picker, and our own-branded purple bags.


Find out more and sign up


Must read guide for students living in the city

Student Guide

The University of Nottingham Students’ Union have produced a handy guide for students living in the city – which, those Landlords with student tenants, might want to share with them.

The guide aims to help support students during their time living in the community, with lots of advice on how to be a good neighbour, get involved and make a positive impact on their local area.

From ‘Which bin is which?’ to ‘How to report antisocial behaviour’ – it’s a must read for all new student tenants.

Guide for students living in the city

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