Selective Licensing Consultation

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Have your say on the new Selective Licensing consultation

selective consultation

Consultation has begun on a new licensing scheme for landlords to improve standards in the private rented housing sector.

The consultation runs until 21 August 2022 and this is your chance to comment on the proposals to introduce a new ‘Selective Licensing’ scheme. 

This new scheme would start after the end of the first and would continue the important work already carried out to make sure that privately rented homes are safer, suitable for tenants to live in and that they are managed effectively. It will also give the council additional resource and powers to safeguard tenants and hold non-compliant landlords to account.

Privately rented housing has grown considerably within Nottingham with 45,500 properties as of 2021 and a Selective Licensing scheme may be made if an area has a high proportion of private rented homes and meets one or more conditions laid out in the Housing Act 2004. The council believes a new licensing scheme should be considered based on:

  • Significant or persistent problems caused by anti-social behaviour
  • Poor property conditions
  • High levels of deprivation
  • High levels of crime

A second scheme would enable the council to not only support landlords in making sure that their properties meet certain standards, but also help to improve and tackle key issues, as well as improving the overall health and wellbeing of tenants due to improved housing conditions.

As with the first scheme, the council would not be allowed to make any surplus on the scheme and all revenue from the licence fees would only be used to cover the cost of administering the scheme.

How to have your say?

You can read all about the proposals and have your say in our online survey on our consultation page below.

On this website, you will find lots of information, including: 

  • FAQs
  • Short summary on the proposals
  • The designation (area covered by the new scheme)
  • The proposed fees
  • The full proposal documents 

Also, join us at a consultation event

We would also encourage you to come along to our consultation events, they are being held across the city and a number of them are being held online.

The online ones can hold more people so we would encourage you to join these. As we are limited to numbers at certain events and may not be able to accommodate everyone. However, there are plenty of events happening over the next 12 weeks for you to attend.

You can read more about the proposals, find a consultation event and fill in the survey here

Selective Licensing Consultation


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