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Future Parks Programme
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Future Parks Accelerator Programme

Welcome to the latest news from the FPA team...

National Project: Future Parks Accelerator Programme (FPA)

The project is funded by The National Lottery Heritage fund and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and supported by the National Trust.

Nottingham is one of eight local authorities taking part. For more information about the programme click here:

Nottingham’s Priorities

Nottingham will be concentrating on 4 key themes which will contribute to an ambitious 25 year strategy for the city’s parks and green spaces.

The 4 key areas are:

  1. Community engagement and consultation - encouraging residents to be involved in how their parks are managed and developed.
  2. Volunteering – An improved volunteering programme with a wide range of volunteer opportunities and better support for volunteers of parks and green spaces.
  3. Sustainability and commercial opportunities – ensuring parks and green spaces can secure income for the long-term continued maintenance and development .
  4. Setting up a charitable foundation to support our parks and open spaces.


We need your support!

One of the priorities of the project is getting people more involved in how their parks and open spaces are developed and managed.

We would love to hear your views by telling us what you want and need from Nottingham’s parks in the future by clicking on the survey link below, which runs until the end of September:


Wildflower meadow

Word cloud


Primary Parliament

In March the FPA team visited Primary Parliament and consulted with 26 schools, with over 100 students in attendance.



The first task was a word recognition exercise where pupils  wrote down on paper leaves the first word that comes to mind when they thought about parks and green spaces. 

Other exercises carried out:

  • Imagine you’re sat on a park bench and all of a sudden you’re whisked into the future. What do you expect to see on your local park in 25 years’ time?
  • What would you like to see on your local park in 25 years’ time?
  • Why do you go to your local park?
  • What do you like about your local park?

A full report on the findings at Primary parliament is available upon request. 

Not another walk

Not another walk?

I spy something beginning with 'T'

A People's park?

Have you seen signs popping up in your local park?

Its 'The Big Parks Challenge'

We are working with the exciting team at Nonsuch studios to find out more about how people are using their parks and green spaces. 

Due to the coronavirus more people than ever are using our parks, and some for the first time and we want to hear from them!

To find out more about the exciting challenges and how to become a local champion, which runs to the end of July click here:



A New Volunteering Programme

As part of the development of a new volunteering programme we have carried out a review of the current volunteering opportunities available in parks and open spaces.  We have also researched other volunteering programmes to see what works well and now we have lots of great ideas of how we can create a fantastic volunteering programme which supports volunteers well and offers a range of opportunities.

We are currently working on a new website which will be a one stop shop for all volunteering on parks and open spaces and in the public realm.  It will be a place to get information about available volunteer opportunities and a space for celebrating all the fantastic things that volunteers are doing!



Bulwell Hall swans

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Future Parks Programme
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