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Cllr Linda Woodings

Cllr Linda Woodings, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Planning and Heritage - “At the council we are genuine in our intention to work with you to improve the standards of private rented housing in Nottingham.

"We want that relationship to be both constructive and two-way, providing support whist remaining critical friends.

"Safer Housing and Nottingham City Council are committed to continuing to ‘up our game’ by improving engagement with all of the key stakeholders in the private rented sector

"As I’ve said before the City can’t do this without you.”

You can read more from Cllr Woodings and what the council is doing to ‘up its game’ here

£100k funding to help landlords improve the rented sector

We’ve been awarded £100,000 by the Government to help private landlords improve housing standards across the city.

The council is one of more than 100 local authorities across England awarded a share of over £4 million. In Nottingham, we want to use our share of the funding to create support services for landlords and tenants

This includes:

  • Creating an online resource for landlords to access support with challenging tenants - a ‘Preventing Homelessness Tool’
  • Training sessions for Landlords, run by East Midlands Property Owners (EMPO)
  • Boosting the ‘Marks Out Of Tenancy’ (MOOT) ratings scheme for Nottingham
  • Creating advice and ‘How to…’ videos for landlords and tenants
  • Improving our challenges to rogue landlords in our City with enhanced staff training

You can find out what the money is going to be spent on here.

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Landlord and Managing Agents Liaison groups

We’ve been awarded £100,000 by the Government to help private landlords improve housing standards across the city.

We want to use our funding to create support services for landlords and tenants

This includes:

  • Creating an online ‘Landlords Preventing Homelessness Tool’
  • Training sessions for Landlords, run by EMPO –
  • Starting The ‘Marks Out Of Tenancy’ (MOOT) scheme in Nottingham
  • Creating advice and ‘How to…’ videos for landlords and tenants
  • Tackling a number of rogue landlords in the city with increased staff training

You can find out what the money is going to be spent on here.

We are launching our new Landlord and Managing agents Liaison groups. Whilst we already work closely with landlords and letting agents, you’ve told us you want to be more involved in the way we deliver our services. 

We are creating regular forums and we want to hear your views and those of your peers to help us develop our service. There will two forums, one for landlords and one for letting agents. 

Selection of members –

The application form will be assessed against the below criteria. We are looking for members who are committed to being the voice of their industry and working with us, candidates will required to:

  • Attend at least three (out of four planned) meetings per year;
  • Consult with other landlords or letting agents prior to meetings and feedback after meetings;
  • Be prepared to have their contact details shared with their peers;
  • Highlight wider issues of interest and/or concern to landlords or letting agents;
  • Use the forums to communicate landlords or letting agents’ perspectives in a positive and respectful way.

Application forms will be online in the next few weeks, the link to this and how to apply will be in a special landlord newsletter in February. You will have three weeks to apply.

Need help with difficult tenant? Here’s where to get support.

anti social behaviour

Are you having issues with your tenants? Perhaps they’re causing Anti-Social Behaviour or you want support with managing them – we can help!

At Safer Housing we want tenants and residents to have good relationships, but we know that some tenants can cause serious concerns or issues. We can help and support you and give you advice on these situations and the actions you can take.

If your tenant is causing ASB you can find tips, information and our contact details here

Whilst we would rather landlords don’t evict their tenants, we know that sometimes it’s a necessary last resort. We can offer support with the eviction process.

Please don’t illegally evict a tenant, you can be arrested and a tenant would end up homeless.  

For information on how to legally end a tenancy click here.

You can get information and support on evictions here.

Landlord and Managing Agents Event January 2020

Landlord event

Our first Landlord and Managing Agents event of 2020 took place this week. There were some good questions from the audience and their feedback will help us to improve future events.

If you didn’t manage to attend - don’t worry! All the presentations were filmed and we will be sharing the link and a copy of the presentations in a special landlord news bulletin in the next few weeks.

Watch this space!



It has been a busy few months for the enforcement team, we not only visit unlicensed properties, or hazardous homes every day, but we've taken some Landlords and Property Managers to court for not licensing their properties.

Below is one of the cases we have taken to court recently.

A property company has been fined for failing to licence homes

A property services company in Nottingham has been ordered to pay over £7,000 for failing to licence six properties.

During sentencing, Nottingham Magistrates Court ordered Bramley Apple Properties Ltd, trading as Jillings Estates, of Southwell, to pay a fine and legal costs totalling £7349.

Nottingham City Council prosecuted the company for failing to licence a number of properties within their management control. The company pleaded guilty to the offences in court on 5 November 2019

Read more on this story here


Working with landlords to improve homes.

Our teams at Safer Housing work with landlords every day to support them to improve their properties.

We are a few cases over the last few week’s where landlords have worked with us for a positive outcome.

Dangerous roof is fixed!

Our officers investigated this property, which has a large number of loose tiles. It was so dangerous that tiles had slipped a number of times and almost hit people below. After advice was given to the landlord, they had the whole roof replaced.


Dangerous electrics

We visited one home and found seriously dangerous and illegal electrical defaults in the property.

There were exposed wires and broken sockets to name a few. We worked with the landlord to help them improve the electric safety of the property.


Our new website

new website

Our new webpages are now live! Here you can find lots of information about renting a property.

We have tips and advice for landlords for before, during and after they rent out a property.

To get information and how we can offer support here - 

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