Procurement and supply chain bulletin: 26 January 2024

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Procurement and supply chain bulletin

26 January 2024

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Modern slavery in the supply chain

Modern slavery in social care 

Modern slavery is reportedly surging in social care since ministers relaxed immigration rules to fill thousands of vacancies, with a growing wave of exploitation leading to workers being ripped off or living in squalor. Unpublished figures show at least 800 people working in care homes or people’s residences were charted as potential victims last year, more than 10 times the number recorded before the Government’s visa scheme, with some workers reported to be sleeping in cold, cramped rooms or only receiving a fraction of their pay.

To accompany the local government sector specific Establishing modern slavery risk assessment and due diligence in adult social care – a commissioning officer’s guide, the Nottingham Rights Lab have produced a rather brilliant ‘Creating a group action plan’ set of guidelines. The guide provides instructions for facilitating a creative group problem solving approach to engage a multi-function and/or multi-stakeholder team.

Climate change and modern slavery in public procurement

Existing links between modern slavery and climate change are becoming clearer as the need increases for a just transition to a low-carbon economy. Increasingly, the impact of human made climate change is also forcing people who rely on primary industries to move or seek jobs elsewhere as changing climates makes their livelihoods unsustainable. The resulting human vulnerability lends itself to further exploitation and greater risk, a pattern which is seen both at specific sites and also in the broader context of climate change. This is a summary of the report from the project entitled: Intersecting sustainabilities: Protecting both people and planet in public sector supply chains.

Procurement and supply chain

Join the Local Government Digital Construction Working Group

Local Government officers are invited to join this new Digital Construction Working group. A network that has been formed by a group of councils and industry representatives to champion the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

If you are interested in exploring how BIM and other digital tools can be deployed in the built environment, then this is the group for you. Members will share best practice and explore low-cost proof of concepts to increase recognition, raise awareness and support adoption of these ways of working. The group meets every two months online or in person. Officers from local authorities working in construction, procurement, digital infrastructure and other relevant services are welcome to join.

The next virtual meeting is 22 February, 2.00pm and will include agreement of the LGA BIM Glossary, discussion on Modern Methods of Construction Paper produced by group members, carbon calculators/ net zero and the Golden Thread. For further information email

A how-to-guide on acquiring AI systems

IEEE Standards Association has introduced a pioneering standard for AI procurement. The standard, which is in development, can help councils be more responsible about how they acquire AI that serves the public interest.

The public sector is using AI and automated decision-making systems to aid or replace human-made decisions. The ADM systems’ judgments can impact residents’ access to education, employment, health care, social services, and more.

Net Zero Go Project Management for local energy projects

Whether you're new to project management or are looking for ways to streamline your processes in 2024, the team at Net Zero Go are here to help you save time and stress when turning your net zero ambitions into reality with our easy-to-use guide to Project Management for Local Energy Projects.

Containing helpful resources, and handy tools and frameworks, this guide will help you design a cohesive plan of work, conduct internal assessments and secure buy-in from senior stakeholders.

Financial support for communities affected by flooding update

The government announced that flood-hit communities impacted by Storm Henk can apply for funding to help them recover. The time period for claiming now covers flooding incidents that occurred between 2 – 12 January 2024. This is addition to the funding to help communities recover from the impact of Storm Babet.

The financial support announced will be available to eligible areas in England that have experienced exceptional localised flooding.

The support will be made available through a scheme called the Flood Recovery Framework, which is used in exceptional circumstances to support councils and communities following severe flooding.

Eligible councils will receive updated guidance. If you have any Flood Recovery Framework queries, please contact

Please pass this on to suppliers affected by the floods.


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