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April 2020

Planning Advisory Service

April 2020: Extra Edition

Local Planning Authorities (LPA's) across the country are now adapting to the challenges of the Covd-19 lockdown and social distancing, we now recognise the potential for the present situation to be a new “normal”.

Planning services are showing an enthusiasm to operate the system remotely, albeit in a more limited or different way. There is a realisation that much of the economic activity that feeds the planning system has slowed or stopped alongside a growing recognition of the key role that Councils will have in supporting the recovery. As planners we are aware that the economy cannot be considered in isolation of its co-dependants, society and environment, this crisis has brought into sharp focus the vulnerabilities in all three.

The focus, thus far, has been on applications and decision making but we are now moving into a space where we will need to consider longer term planning. Discussion is starting to move on so that we are now talking about appeals, Housing Delivery Test (HDT), developer contributions and producing plans. 

The response to the crisis has highlighted authorities’ willingness to share ideas and practices and adapt to the circumstances as they change.

PAS is here to help whether you're thriving or surviving. Please get in touch to share your thoughts, ideas or practices at

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Anna Rose
Head of PAS

Lichfields & PAS Covid-19 Response Survey

PAS & Lichfields are working together to help gather and share information about how LPAs are adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown. Lichfields have launched an online COVID-19 response tracker, and we are working with them to promote and collect information so that it holds an up to date and accurate account of the work of LPA’s during the crisis. Please get in touch to update your information or to discuss how we might be able to help.

Virtual planning committee protocol

We have produced a guide to revising protocols and procedures for a virtual planning committee to follow on and support the hints and tips guide published earlier this month. You can use it as a starting point, and then localise it to reflect how your committee runs.  We hope it helps you to consider what the most appropriate approach is for your council.

Further “Fireside chats”; Covid-19: planning policy & planning committees

Martin from PAS has been having further discussions with LPA planners and councillors about how they are responding to the Covid-19 lockdown challenges. 

There are two excellent new discussions available; 

Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts, ideas and practices in these discussions.

Interesting KHub posts

There are some really interesting discussion going on in the Coronavirus and innovation Khub discussion forum:

Please have a look and share your thoughts.

Stay safe and well.