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7 October 2016

LGA Shared Services Map Newsletter

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the first quarterly LGA Shared Services Map newsletter. By way of thanks for the time, effort and crucially the information you provided to us to update the LGA Shared Services map we will be sending you regular newsletters which will contain, amongst other things:

  • guidance as to how the map can assist you in your work
  • further analysis of what the information in the shared services map is telling us;
  • links to template documents, legal documents and case studies from other established shared services so you are not starting from scratch
  • introduce you to our new LGA shared service ‘match making’ service
  • bring you the latest news, publications, legislation and central government updates on shared services, devolution and the introduction of combined authorities and the implications these may have with your existing shared service arrangement

Shared Services Map

LGA Shared Service Map Relaunch 2016

Through your help, and we really couldn’t have done it without you, we recently re-launched the national shared services map for 2016. Its key strength is that it provides a starting point for contacting those who have gone before you, to learn from them, use their documentation and ensure you don’t repeat already known mistakes.

According to the latest research for the map shared services have contributed to taxpayers saving more than half a billion pounds and are now standard practice for local authorities with the vast majority of councils involved in shared service arrangements.

Councillor David Simmonds, Deputy Chairman of the LGA, said “This latest shared services map confirms that councils are working together to successfully save money. Shared services are no longer just the realm of the most innovative councils, but rather, standard practice for councils to improve services, increase resilience and save money in times of significant change, cementing councils’ reputation as the most efficient part of the public sector.”

How can the map assist you in your work? 

Shared Services map

As shared service practitioners you’ll be fully aware of the process of setting up your own shared service arrangements but you might be less aware of what’s going on around you and beyond.

We want the map to work for you so, in collaboration with Shared Services Architects, we’ve developed a user guide setting out four easy ways for you to use the map to help you contact councils in existing arrangements – to glean best practice, and have access to existing business cases, templates and legal documentation.

You can see the full user guide here.

Shared Service Template Documents

Shared services in almost all of the delivery/professional categories in local government have already been attempted so there are plenty of existing templates, MOUs and legal documentation and case studies that can save you time and money from the outset.

You can view over 200 collaborative working and shared service online tools, templates and techniques here.

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Analysis from the LGA Shared Services Map 2016

i-three analytics, in collaboration with Shared Service Architects, have analysed the findings and impact of the information you provided us with some interesting statistics – here are some of the headlines:

  • The total number of partnership members is 1,327 
  • There are 224 operational partnerships 
  • More councils are involved in legal services than any other type
  • 211 councils are involved in Environmental Protection, Waste & Regulatory Services partnerships

Location of councils involved in partnerships

Councils involved in the greatest number of partnerships tend to be in the North with some London boroughs making up the remainder of those who share most.

Location of councils involved in partnerships

Does size matter?

As partnerships expand in size average savings increases.

Does size matter?

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Latest news and publications

Local government: alternative models of service delivery 

This House of Commons Briefing paper looks at alternative approaches to shared services between multiple local authorities and other public bodies; outsourcing to private or voluntary providers, ‘insourcing’; mutuals and the increasing use of Local Authority Trading Companies (LATCs) to trade for profit. It also notes the development of place-based ‘community budgets’ and devolution deals.

Local Council Transformation Models

Across the sector, councils have adopted a number of different approaches to service transformation. This report, by Localis, outlines the key features, benefits and challenges of a number of approaches and models including; commissioning; co-operative; entrepreneurial; enabling; sharing and holistic.

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Shared Service ‘Match Making’ Service

The LGA is launching a shared services match making service to provide assistance to support councils who wish to share services and/or management teams with other councils. The offer includes access to funding for a dedicated shared service expert and/or paid for external mediation advice and support. 

If this is something you are interested in hearing more about or you are looking for partners for new or existing projects then please contact us at Sharedservices@local.gov.uk.

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Shared Services events

LGA: The impact of shared service partnerships in local government

Orbis, One Source and LGSS, three of local government’s largest shared services providers are holding a collaboration and learning event as part of a commitment to creating greater value across the sector from the intelligence and experience that is held within public sector. The learning from this event is intended to create a community of expertise that can be shared across all public services. Look out for future learning events and we will be sharing presentations and outcomes of this event with you in the next newsletter.

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And finally…

We want to hear from you

We see this as an opportunity for you to share your experiences and a forum for you to raise any current issues you may have that the LGA may be able to assist with. 

How can the LGA help you to achieve greater economies of scale by encouraging more partners to join your shared service?  

What do you require further help/support and assistance on regarding your shared service? 

Please feel free to share this with your networks and let us know if other colleagues in your organisation would like to be on the direct mailing list. Email your thoughts, suggestions for future articles and any questions or requests for support and assistance to: guy.head@local.gov.uk.

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