BITMO News for Belle Isle Tenants - March 2024

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BITMO News for Belle Isle Tenants - March 2024


We hope you are keeping safe and well. In this email: 

  • Warmer Homes in Windmill Road 
  • News about your rent 
  • News from BITMO’s GATE 
  • Belle Isle Gala 
  • Tree planting – can you help?
  • Belle Isle Makeovers

Warmer Homes in Windmill Road

Tenants in some of the houses in Windmill Road are benefitting from major works arranged by BITMO. In a study across the whole of Belle Isle using thermal imaging these homes were identified as being the most cold and expensive to heat on the estate. Homes are having different works depending on what they need, including: 

roofing, re-pointing, canopy replacement, new boilers, new doors and windows and loft insulation. 

BITMO will be doing similar works to more houses on the other side of Windmill Road this year. We know that a lot more homes need work, and we have a programme to do as much work as we can afford in the coming years. The work is being prioritised based on which homes are the least fuel efficient.  

If you would like advice on heating your home, you can contact Green Doctors online or on  0300 303 3292.

Windmill Road roofs

News about your Rent

Stephen Oldham, BITMO Income & Tenancy Manager provides this update. 

The 2024/2025 is a 53-week year. 

Rent and charges are levied weekly. As there are 53 weeks in the new financial year this means that your rent will be charged 53 times. If you pay by Direct Debit your payment will be slightly higher to take into account the extra week. 

If you are on Universal Credit, you will only get 52 weeks’ Housing Element due to DWP regulations. This means that you will have to pay extra to make up the shortfall. 

Universal Credit change 2024

News from BITMO’s GATE

Here's the BITMO's GATE programme for March. There's free food four or five times a week, help getting online and finding a new job, help with maths for adults and children and a chance to develop your gardening skills on Tuesdays and Fridays .... and much more. We have also got the dates for the 6 free food and activity events over the Easter holidays.

March 2024 GATE programme

From April you will need to be a member to use BITMO’s GATE. To become a member, you just complete a simple form. We understand that there will be questions about this, but this is not something new. There was a membership system before the Covid lockdown which was suspended when the GATE reopened. Also, you can’t take books out of a library without having a library card or use a GP without registering, so it is a normal thing to ask. 

There are three more reasons for having a membership: 

  • The GATE is funded by BITMO’s Board, and the membership system allows us to tell them how many people are using the free services in the GATE and for what reason.  
  • Leeds Libraries, who supply our computers and Wi-Fi, require users to agree to their terms of usage. 
  • We ask what you are interested in. If we find other people wanting the same thing, we can help arrange a group or session.  

You can fill in your online form here, or ask for help with joining at the at the GATE. 

Here is the programme for free food and activities at BITMO’s GATE for the Easter holidays. 

Easter 2024

Belle Isle Gala

The Belle Isle Gala is being held from 12-3pm at Windmill School on Saturday 6 July. There will be four giant inflatables from Breeze and a climbing wall, entertainment, displays by local sports and dance groups and affordable food. 

Can you help? This could be anything from helping to plan, to running an event at the Gala to litter picking on the day. You could have a stall for your small business, club or sports team. Please call Tracey on 07891 270094 or fill in this online form. 

The next planning meeting will be held at BITMO’s GATE on Saturday 16 March at 3pm. Please come and help make the Gala a success. This meeting will also be planning the Belle Isle Dog Show, which will be part of the Gala. 

Tree planting – can you help?

New trees are being planted in three sites around Belle Isle. Would you like to help on the day or volunteer to help look after the new trees? 

The three planting days are: 

Top of Belle Isle Road near the new car park, by Nesfield Walk. We are planting four hawthorn trees and twelve fruit trees from 10am on Wednesday 13 March. 

Low Grange View. We are planting six oak trees and twelve fruit trees from 10am on Tuesday 19 March. 

Belle Isle Circus. We are planting six birch trees and twelve fruit trees from 10am on Wednesday 20 March. 

Thanks to White Rose Forest who have provided the funds for this project. 

Would you like to see mature trees and fruit trees planted near your home? Please contact our Community Development Team who will work with you on a plan for planting next winter.

Tree planting

Belle Isle Makeovers

Is there an area of the estate near where you live that is an eyesore and needs some love? We can make money available through our Community Fund to carry out improvements on the estate, like planting bushes and trees, supplying planters, or street furniture. Contact us to see how we can work with you to get the funds and put a project together.

Contact BITMO

To report a repair call 0800 389 5503 or 0113 378 2188

To make a rent payment, visit the BITMO website rent page or call 0113 378 2187

To report anti-social behaviour, call 0113 378 2181 or email

If you have financial problems then please contact us for advice on 0113 378 2188 or

Keep up-to-date with BITMO services and local news by visiting the BITMO Facebook Page and the BITMO website.

Belle Isle TMO works in partnership with Leeds City Council to serve the residents of Belle Isle estate.

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