Have your say: Lambeth consultations open for your comments

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Have your say: Lambeth Consultations open for your comments

Lambeth Air Quality Action Plan 2023-2025

Lambeth’s Draft Air Quality Action Plan 2023-2025

We’ve launched a consultation on our Draft Air Quality Action Plan for Lambeth. We want your views on the actions we’re planning to take to tackle air pollution, to help us build a plan that responds to the issues your community faces.

How to respond

Please share your views by visiting our Commonplace site. The consultation runs from 20 September to 2 November 2022.

Lambeth Gambling Policy

Lambeth's Draft Gambling Policy 2022-2025

We are consulting on a draft version of a new policy Gambling Policy. The policy sets guidance and expectations for the management of gambling premises in Lambeth. The three-year Policy will take effect from January 2023 onwards and covers:

•     Issuing premises licenses

•     Preliminary approval of proposed premises

•     Regulating gambling premises activities 

•     Receipt and endorsement of Temporary or Occasional Use Notices for infrequent  betting and gaming

How to respond

Visit our website to view the policy and respond to the survey.

The consultation runs from 22 September to 12 October 2022.

Lambeth Carer's Strategy - Image - Centre for Ageing Better - Unsplash

Lambeth Carers Strategy

The Lambeth Carers Strategy is being refreshed to address the significant changes since the last strategy was developed in 2017, including a rise in the number of people caring, the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis. Our vision is for families and carers in Lambeth to feel recognised, valued and included as equal partners in the support and care for the person they care for. Equally we want families and carers to have full, enjoyable and confident lives in their own right alongside their caring role.

How to respond

View the strategy and complete the survey

The consultation is open from 22 September to 6 November 2022.

Cherry Tree Family Centre Design

Cherry Tree Family Centre design proposals

We have published design proposals to convert the former Cherry Tree nursery school building on Barston Road into a Family Centre delivering a range of services, including family contact for children in foster care. The proposal is to move the current family contact centre from White Hart Street, Kennington, to the old Cherry Tree Nursery located on Barston Road, Norwood. The proposed designs will help foster carers, parents and children to have a more positive family contact experience.

How to respond

View the proposals and respond to the survey

The consultation runs from 9 Sept 2022 to 9 October 2022.

Youth Hubs - Lambeth Made

New integrated youth hubs to provide support for young people

We want your views on new integrated youth hubs to provide key support services for young people in the borough from both a main building and smaller hubs. The hubs will provide key support services to young people aged 14-25 years old, including housing advice and mental health support. By providing a single point of access to services in a ‘one-stop shop hub’ we hope to achieve more consistency of response and increase opportunities for early intervention and prevention. 

How to respond

We want the views of young people, parents, carers and service providers.

Visit the consultation page to find out more and respond.

The consultation runs from 9 September to 9 October 2022.