Tenants’ and residents’ association News November 2019


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Tenants’ and residents’ association News November 2019 - Blooming Lambeth Awards

Blooming Lambeth Awards


This year’s Blooming Lambeth awards were held on 15 October at the Assembly Hall. Guest speaker was Levi Roots who opened the ceremony. Congratulations to our winning and highly commended resident gardeners of Hemans Estate, Caldwell Gardens Estate, Spurgeon Estate, Purser House, and Hardy House. For more information on food growing on your estate or in your community, please visit Incredible Edible Lambeth.

(Photographs by Debbie Sears for Incredible Edible Lambeth, all rights reserved)

Fenwick TRA - Half term fun


Fenwick TRA had an eventful activity packed half term with a large number of children of all different ages. Children aged 4-10 years old enjoyed a playful trip to Slime Planet. An older group (11- 16) years went to the historic London Dungeons. The group got to learn more about London’s dark history whilst having fun being spooked by the ghostly figures. There was much variety during the week with a Latin Music workshop showing the links to black history. There was also an emphasis on life choices for the older children as Chasing Prospects visited. They presented a fun interactive workshop around life choices, education, employment and forward thinking.

Bowlands Estate, launch new TRA

Its official Bowlands Estate has a new TRA. On 2 October a very successful launch took place after a number of years of no representation. The group are already working as a collective voice with the Housing team to get outstanding estate matters dealt with.


Fern Lodge Estate helped to design a sign for the community garden


During half term the kids at the Fern Lodge Estate helped to design a sign for the community garden. The work was in partnership with Nature Vibbezzz who are based in the community hall during non- term time. The children who live in the estate are given the opportunity to enjoy a number of activities at Hill Woods and Streatham Park as well as the community garden itself. The age range is 5 to 11 years. In the end they opted for a classical design and the kids helped to paint it.

Board Corner


Following a Cabinet meeting on 7 October, the new engagement structures, which were piloted for 18 months, have now been agreed as permanent. Cabinet also agreed the Area Boards should reflect the housing management areas ie north and south, so the Central Area Board will be subsumed into the North and South Area Boards.

The next round of Area Board meetings will therefore be:

North Area Board,   12 November @ 6.30pm Pedlars Acre Hall

South Area Board,   19 November @ 6.30pm Room G-02 Town Hall


Panel update

The Re-procurement Panel has continued to regularly meet to help shape how and what the new repairs, estate services and major works contracts should look like. In the meantime though we are keen to recruit more residents to the Fire Safety Panel particularly with the phase one report into the Grenfell fire due 30 October. If you are interested in joining this panel which meets quarterly please email gettinginvolved@lambeth.gov.uk.