Tenants’ and residents’ association News May 2019


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Tenants’ and residents’ association News May 2019

Blooming Lambeth Awards


We are looking for residents to nominate gardens or green projects for this year’s Blooming Awards such as above’s Lairdale Estate which won the best Ivor Picardo community food project last year. Categories include best community garden, best individual garden as well as the Ivor Picardo award for best community food growing. The full list of categories is on the Incredible Edible Lambeth website here incredibleediblelambeth.org. as well as nomination forms. £100 prize for each category winner. Closing date 1 June 2019.


TRAs of month


Holderness Estate have been maximising the potential of their Hook House community hub. During the Easter half term a number of volunteers managed by Ms Janique Ovid, created a number children activities including cookery classes and a community tree planting day.

The highlight of these activities was arguably a creative music production course as seen in image. Recently a signing in and out book was introduced for whoever is using the community centre. With free Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the centre and free printer accessibility for residents only, the Hook House community hub is a standard bearer.

Spurgeon Estate secret garden make over starts


Spurgeon Estate TRA successfully obtained funding from London Capital Park City (£1700) and Groundwork’s London's Our Space Award (£4550) to make over a dilapidated garden full of detritus. Father Nature has been commissioned to do the work which started in earnest last week. Well done Spurgeon. 


Board Corner


The next round of Area Board meetings will be:                                                    

North Area Board      14 May, 6.30pm in Pedlars Acre Hall

Central Area Board   15 May, 6.30pm in Lambeth Town Hall                                

South Area Board     21 May, 6.30pm in Lambeth Town Hall                                        

These meetings will be AGMs. TRAs have the right to nominate to the Boards. If you are interested in joining and want to know more you can look at all Board packs here area-boards-and-assemblies or contact us at gettinginvolved@lambeth.gov.uk.

The review of the resident engagement structures report has been drafted by the independent consultant, Just Housing Group. The recommendations from the review will be shared with TRAs once agreed by the Co-ordinating Committee and will go to Cabinet 24 June.



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