Recycling Week, Kirklees Council's new waste strategy, the a-z of recycling

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Did you know this week is the 19th annual Recycle Week? Organised by Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) the aim is to bring the nation together during the week to unite against climate change.

This year the theme is: ‘Step It Up this Recycle Week’ and below are a just few ways we are upping our recycling game and some tips for you too!

Resources and Waste Strategy 2021-2030

Our vision

An ambitious vision that sets out a pathway to a zero-waste future for Kirklees has been approved by full council. The Kirklees Resources and Waste Strategy for 2021-2030 is Kirklees Council’s new innovative plan which outlines a partnership with all residents and businesses and is available to view on our website.

Ensuring Kirklees has modern, sustainable services is key to this vision. Part of this will be to increase recyclable materials collected at the kerbside in the coming years. It doesn't stop there, increased education, starting in schools and also reaching out into the community through volunteer Recycling Champions, will help to make sure that all residents have the knowledge and are empowered to take small steps to make a difference.

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New schools and business recycling service

Lee Kane and Graham Holdroyd standing by a new recycling wagon

Our Trade Waste Team have redesigned, modernised, and expanded the school's recycling collections to include businesses within the borough thanks to a successful funding bid of just over £130k from WRAP.

This increase in recycling is part of the new Resources and Waste Strategy and is just one more way we will increase recycling across the borough.

Currently, only on offer to businesses situated near schools, a full recycling service is expected to be available to all Kirklees businesses within the next 12-15 months.

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The a-z of recycling at home


Did you know we have an a-z of waste on our website? You can use it to find what to do with your rubbish - make sure you're clued up on which bin it goes in, if it can be taken to household waste recycling centres, or other recycling sites across the borough.

You'll also find some alternatives for disposing of some hard to recycle items including creative ideas for putting things to other uses and advice about donating unwanted items.

Learn what goes where

Your top tips!

empty medication packets

"Take your empty medication blister packs to Superdrug or HRI (Huddersfield Royal Infirmary) inpatient pharmacy for recycling."

Thanks to one of our subscribers for sending in that great tip on recycling medication blister packs! You can find out more about The Medicine Packet Recycling Programme on the TerraCycle website.

Get recycling

Are you a reduce, reuse, recycle expert? Send your top tips to us at and we might feature them in a future email!

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