Reduce, Reuse, Recycle this Earth Day

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Thursday 22 April is Earth Day. It's a dedicated day in our busy calendars for people from across the world to come together and think about what they can do to help protect our planet further and highlight the importance of protecting our planet to others.

Even if you’re already on board with the 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, there’s always something more you can do. And if not, there’s no better time to start – just carry on reading – we’ve got some great tips for you!

It's never to early to get children involved - take a look at these great Earth Day activities.

Reduce food waste with free workshops

man and child cooking together with laptop

Great news! We're bringing back our Save Food Save Money workshops to help give you the tools you need to reduce your food waste. The free workshops are held online and led by local community food worker Bev, who is looking forward to sharing some of her favourite recipes and tips with you.

Each of the one-hour workshops has a different theme, and together all three are designed to help you reduce unnecessary food waste. The workshops consist of top tips to help reduce food waste as well as a cooking demonstration.

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Test your knowledge on date labels

bottom of can with best before date

Do you know the difference between best before and use by? Too Good To Go are trying to reduce food waste caused by best before labels check out this short video on date labels to get yourself clued up on the differences. If you think you already know your stuff why not take their short quiz to test your date label knowledge.

Date labels are one of the areas Bev touches on in our Save Food Save Money workshops so if you're want to learn more why not book your workshop place today?

Take the date label quiz

Time is running out

lawnmower mowing grass

If you're a keen gardener and want to save time on trips to the tip, you have until 30 April to sign up to a fortnightly collection of your garden waste. If you haven't already signed up, why not make it your action this Earth Day?

Subscribers to the garden waste service can request up to two standard 240-litre brown wheelie bins to recycle garden waste, like grass and hedge cuttings. All waste collected is composted and used for future growing projects - what a great way for your garden waste to be reused!

Sign up for a garden waste collection

Banana skin curry anyone?

banana skin and other fruit skins being thrown away

Hands up if your banana skins are destined straight for the bin! Did you know that they are rich in potassium, B vitamins, and the other trace minerals? People in South East Asia and India typically cook and eat their banana skins, and you'd be surprised what other uses banana skins have around the home.

If you're feeling adventurous this Earth Day, Nigella Lawson has a great recipe for banana skin curry, why not give it a try?

Are you a reduce, reuse, recycle expert? Send your top tips to us at and we might feature them in a future email!

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