Update: Insolvency Practitioner Upload Service

The Insolvency Practitioner Upload Service  - formerly DCRS – went live on 25 March and we have been successfully receiving both director conduct and RP14 (redundancy claims) forms via this updated channel.

We are aware that some users attached to IP firms who were asked to reset their passwords when logging on for the first time were unable to use the temporary password the system generated. Users will find that this issue has now been resolved.

Reregistration for previous users IPs should note that any of their staff who formerly used the Insolvency Service’s portal to submit RP14 forms will need to be added to the new upload service by one of their firm’s DCRS service managers, as their email addresses will not be recognised until this is done. Please follow the service manager and staff access guide  to do this.

Registration for agents  Agents who formerly used the Insolvency Service’s IP Upload Portal to submit RP14 forms should already have been supplied with login details by the Insolvency Service. Please email us if you require any assistance with registration.

Uploading RP14 forms Users are reminded to follow the updated guidance that has been issued on uploading RP14 forms using the Insolvency Practitioner Upload Service. Please note in particular the need to include a CN reference on the template spreadsheet for RP14A submissions.

These instructions are being updated to incorporate additional guidance to avoid uploads being rejected on the basis that lines in the spreadsheet have been left blank. The note enclosed with this message explains that when you are adding an entry to the spreadsheets, the last cell in the last column and last row that has details for an employee should include the ‘blue smart tag’ in the bottom right corner of the cell to ensure that the system does not reject the upload on the basis that lines have been left blank.   

Confirmation of receipt Individual email responses to RP14 uploads are not issued. The success message on which appears on the screen can be relied upon as confirmation of receipt.

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Case Management Services