HSE Biocides ebulletin: GB active substance expiry dates postponed

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GB active substance expiry dates postponed

A decision has been taken to postpone the active substance expiry dates for all biocidal active substance/product type combinations which expire between 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2026, until 31 January 2027


This decision has been taken because, for reasons beyond the control of the applicant, the approvals are likely to expire before a decision could be taken on their renewal under GB BPR. The postponements will also give time for potential reforms to GB BPR to be considered. HSE plans to publish further information on this area of work in the near future.


The decision will impact up to 110 active substance/product type combinations. The expiry date postponements are subject to a timely renewal application being submitted and accepted.


To date 46 active substance/product type combinations detailed on our webpage have met these requirements and the expiry dates are postponed until 31 January 2027.


If you want to supply new biocidal products containing these active substances, you can still apply for GB BPR product authorisation. New products (including new trade names) must not be supplied in GB until product authorisation is granted.


HSE will provide separate updates on future expiry date postponements captured within this overall decision when relevant.



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