HSE Biocides ebulletin: EU active substance non-approval decision

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EU active substance non-approval decision

Biocidal products must be phased off the NI market

Following evaluation under the EU BPR, a decision has been taken not to approve the following active substance/product type combination. This will affect NI:

Biocidal products containing this active substance in the relevant product type can no longer be:

  • supplied in NI after 6 February 2025; or
  • used in NI after 6 August 2025

You must manage your stocks of the affected products to ensure they are removed from the NI supply chain by 6 February 2025.


New treated articles containing this active substance in the relevant product type cannot enter the supply chain or be imported into NI after 4 August 2024. Treated articles that have entered NI supply chains before this date can continue to be supplied and used.


Find out more about treated articles


Any affected NI product approvals under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) will be revoked in line with the above dates.


If you are aware of any disproportionate negative impacts that are likely to arise from the non-approval of the active substance/product type combination listed above, please contact us.



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