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User survey on the ‘Comply with UK REACH Service’

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) would like to invite users of the ‘Comply with UK REACH’ service to feedback their views and experiences via a survey.

The aim of this survey is to understand what it’s like to use the ‘Comply with UK REACH’ service. For example, using the online system, emails, guidance and helpline.


In particular feedback is sought on:

  • what works well

  • what needs improving

  • what is missing

Who Should Complete the Survey: Any user of the ‘Comply with UK REACH’ service.


Time to complete: 15 minutes, can be completed in multiple sittings. Answers will remain anonymous.


This is a great opportunity to share your views and experiences on the ‘Comply with UK REACH’ service. Take the survey.


If you have questions, please contact

Publication of draft recommendation to the list of substances subject to authorisation (Annex 14) for UK REACH

In line with our obligations under the UK REACH regulation, HSE has published a draft recommendation for inclusion of a substance in Annex 14.


The substance included in the draft recommendation is:


  • Diisohexyl phthalate (EC:  276-090-2 and CAS:  71850-09-4)


Interested parties are invited to submit comments on this recommendation within 3 months of this publication date. We welcome the provision of information specific to Great Britain with respect to the aspects covered in the background document, as well as comments on consequences, alternatives and exemptions.


View the draft recommendation


Following this, HSE will update the recommendation, taking account of any comments received and send to the Appropriate Authorities (the Defra Secretary of State and the Scottish and Welsh Ministers) for a decision.

The UK approach to the recommendation of substances for Annex 14

In addition to publication of the draft recommendation, HSE has published information about the approach it has taken to identify priority substances for inclusion in its recommendations including:

  • the UK REACH approach to prioritisation of substances for recommendation to Annex 14

  • the technical rationale for the development of the recommendation

Both documents can be found in the document “Recommendations to add substances to Annex XIV” available on the HSE website.



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