Ebulletin correction: New active substances: Isoflucypyram

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Ebulletin correction

Please excuse the error in our previous ebulletin.

There was an error in our pesticides ebulletin dated 13 September 2023. Please see the corrected copy below.

GB PPP new active substance: publication of HSE conclusion

New PPP active substances in GB are regulated under retained Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.


Applicant: Bayer AG


Substance: Isoflucypram – fungicidal active substance for the control of stem-base, foliar and ear diseases in wheat (including Durum wheat and spelt), triticale, rye, barley and oats.


Conclusion: HSE’s conclusion is that the active substance is expected to meet the approval criteria.


The risk assessment which underpins the Conclusion has been subject to public consultation and independent scientific advice from the Expert Committee on Pesticides. The input provided through these processes was considered by HSE when finalising the Conclusion on this new active substance. 


View the published conclusion (.pdf)


Next Steps: HSE referred its Conclusion and intended decision to GB competent authorities, as required under the Agency Agreements between HSE and the individual Devolved Governments.

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