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Downstream user import notification (DUIN)

If you were a GB-based downstream user or distributor under EU REACH or were regarded as a downstream user by virtue of an Only Representative (OR) agreement, you should notify HSE within the first 300 days of the end of the transition period (27 October 2021) to continue to import into Great Britain.


Once you’ve notified us using the Comply with UK REACH service on GOV.UK you’ll receive a UK REACH DUIN number. You should use this number when you tell us about the substances that you wish to continue importing.


Get more guidance on downstream user import notification.

GB-based downstream users of a UK REACH authorisation

If you are a GB-based downstream user of a substance which is on the UK REACH Authorisation List (Annex 14) you must be covered by a UK REACH authorisation to continue to use the substance after its sunset date.


If this authorisation has been granted to an applicant up your supply chain, you must notify HSE that you are a downstream user of a UK REACH authorisation.


Get more guidance for downstream users of a UK REACH authorisation.

List of UK REACH authorisations – granted and applications in progress

We have published a list of adopted opinions, granted UK REACH authorisations and in-progress applications.


The list contains information on in-progress applications for UK REACH authorisations, new UK REACH authorisation applications, existing EU Authorisations that have been grandfathered into UK REACH and in-flight applications where a final opinion was adopted by ECHA but a decision has been made for UK REACH.

Lead registrants

UK REACH retains the 'one substance, one registration' principle. If there is more than one registrant for a substance, co-registrants should agree between themselves who the 'lead registrant' will be.


The guidance on the main responsibilities of lead registrants has been updated.



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