Our Reuse hub is open! Donate unwanted furniture at Horsham's Park and Ride car park

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No longer using your too-small table? Donate it to the Reuse Hub

Recycling and waste

for the Horsham District

Donate your unwanted furniture to our Reuse hub

A blue container is decorated with a street-art style mural. The word Reuse is surrounded by items of furniture

We’re taking donations of unwanted furniture that’s still in good condition at our new Reuse hub.

Once we’re stocked up, we’ll run a pop-up shop at Swan Walk Shopping Centre to sell the items to new owners for affordable prices. The money raised from selling the items will go back into running the Reuse project.

For us, this is a great way to help our residents reduce waste. We’re making it easy for you to donate your unwanted items and doing our best to give good-condition furniture a new lease of life.

Location and opening times

The Reuse hub is in the Horsham Park and Ride car park at Hop Oast.

  • Horsham Park and Ride, Worthing Road, Horsham RH13 0AR.
  • Open for donations Wednesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm.

What we can and cannot accept

Old sofa isn't the right fit for your new living room? Donate it to our Reuse hub

To start with we’ll be accepting good-quality hard and soft furniture only. We’re talking about things you need to get rid of that there’s nothing really wrong with.

  • No longer using your too-small table? We'll have it
  • Old sofa isn't the right fit for your new living room? It's perfect for us
  • Found a new armchair you love, but feel guilty throwing the old one out? Donate it to the Reuse hub

All fabric furniture must have the appropriate fire labels on it. 

For a full list of what we can and cannot accept, visit our website.

Why we're running a Reuse trial

Keeping good quality products in active use for longer preserves natural resources and prevents waste. It also supports those who are less able to purchase brand new items, and avoids carbon emissions from new product manufacture and distribution.

Shouldn’t we be encouraging people not to get rid of good-condition furniture in the first place?

Absolutely, and we do. We’re committed to helping our residents reduce their waste and we know that in lots of cases people need to get rid of furniture before its life-span is up. House-moves and lifestyle changes often lead to furniture and furnishings being replaced. We want to make sure everyone knows there are lots of options for good-condition furniture.

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