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Recycling and waste

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Book a free textiles and small electricals collection


Book a free textiles and small electricals recycling collection

We've launched a new scheme to make it even easier to recycle broken small electricals and unwanted textiles. You can now book a collection slot online and we'll come to you and take it all away.

Small electricals are processed at a specialist facility which breaks down the component parts and then recycles them into something new.

Textiles are sorted into grades by hand at a processing facility and then sent on for re-use and recycling.

For a full list of acceptable items and to book your collection, click the button below.

Book now

Bags of batteries on the top of a refuse bin and a recycling bin

Recycle your batteries on bin collection day

A second new scheme to launch this month is free battery recycling.

Put your batteries in a small, clear plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag) and place the bag on top of your blue-top recycling bin or your green-top refuse bin on collection day. Our trucks are now fitted with a separate compartment for battery recycling so we can take it away to be recycled.

We can take the following batteries: 6V; D; C; AA; AAA; 9v; Button; and mobile phone batteries.

To ensure minimal use of plastic bags, please ensure you store batteries until you have enough to fill a sandwich bag and have it securely closed. Please do not place one or two batteries out for collection as there is a risk the bag could blow away.

Batteries recycling

Help us have a safe summer. Please get rid of your litter responsibly

Help us to have a Safe Summer

This summer we need your help – if you are visiting our parks and open spaces, please bag and bin your rubbish. Cleaning up after excess litter takes our teams away from other important jobs. Help us keep your community clean.

We all deserve a great summer. Spread the word using the hashtag #SafeSummer21.

Theo stands at the front of the bin truck with three crew members and gives the camera a thumbs up

A special treat for local lad Theo

Our bin collection crews were sent a lovely message from local resident Loren and her son, Theo. To say thank you, we gave Theo the chance to meet the crew for a socially-distanced hello and he even got to sit in the truck! 

Loren said "I wanted to take a moment to write to you about your bin men, in particular those that collect the rubbish and recycling of Broadbridge Heath. In short we love them."

"Since my son Theo has been old enough to pull himself up and stand at the window, since before he could walk or talk (he's just turned four!) we have watched and waved each Wednesday as the bin men arrive and they in turn without fail have waved and smiled back.

"Over time these waves and smiles have grown into ‘hellos’ and ‘how are you doing little man’, peekaboos from behind parked cars, and honks of the horn, received with claps and cheers!

"And with each week that passes I’ve watched my son grow and transform right before my eyes but his excitement to see the bin men has never wavered just as their kindness hasn’t either.

"Theo will start to school in September so our Wednesday tradition of waiting to see the bin men and their lorry will end. So in a world where often small simple acts of kindness go unnoticed I wanted to recognise the joy they bring to us, week on week, year on year. Even during this last year they have been our little slice of normal making the world that much better and brighter."

Great British Spring Clean 2021

Get involved in the Great British Spring Clean

Join the Great British Spring Clean between 28 May-13 June and join the thousands of volunteers from across the UK who take pride in their neighbourhood and are happy to take ownership of the issues around litter in their area.

Through our local Adopt a Street scheme we can provide litter sticks and bin bags and will pick up your collected waste bags afterwards.

We are facing an ongoing battle with litter being strewn across our roadsides, parks and open spaces, yet this year our outdoor spaces and places have mattered more than ever before. We really appreciate your support in helping to tackle the issue.

Find out more

Sussex Green Living eco station

Green grant helps fund new Eco Station for Horsham District

Funding from the Council's Community Climate Fund initiative is set to benefit a local outreach project to create a mobile educational Eco Station.

Local charity Sussex Green Living applied for a grant from the Council’s Horsham District Community Climate Fund and successfully received £5,000 to get their Inspiration Eco Station on the road.

The Inspiration Eco Station is a colourful and engaging mobile display that will travel to schools, colleges, faith groups and community events to share top tips on how residents can save money whilst reducing their negative impact on the planet.

Find out more about the Eco Station on the Sussex Green Living website.

Recycling champion banner


Recycling champions

Three months in to their Hot Bin trial, the White family have their first compost and the younger Barber-Bacons are learning about decomposition...

"We pulled our first compost out after 3 months of use and even though it was the coldest time of year, it had composted pretty well! The bin is now holding at much higher temperatures allowing us to compost bones and other harder materials readily." - White family

"We found emptying the Hot Bin really easy and simple via the large hatch, and were really excited to be able to see clearly the process of decomposition. The kids found it fascinating!" - Barber-Bacon family

Find out more about the Hot Bin trial on our Recycling champions page

National Children's Gardening Week

Three ways gardening can help reduce waste

It's National Children's Gardening Week next week, a campaign to encourage kids to get out in their garden and capture their enthusiasm.

Here are three ways your garden can help your recycling efforts that the kids can get involved in:

  • Get composting. Composting your leftovers reduces food waste. West Sussex County Council have teamed up with to offer compost bins for a discounted price
  • Start growing your own. Growing produce cuts food miles and reduces food packaging too. A great project to get kids involved in!
  • Make planters and labels. There are lots of items you could re-use in the garden. For example, clear plastic bottles and yoghurt pots can make useful homes for young plants and seedlings. 
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