A quick guide to Easter recycling, three ways to reduce your food miles, information about the HWRS booking system, and Stop Food Waste Day

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Recycling and waste

for the Horsham District

Easter eggs

Be an egg-cellent recycler this Easter

Here's what you can and can't put in your recycling bin this Easter:

Yes please

  • Cardboard Easter egg packaging
  • Plastic inserts from Easter egg packaging
  • Foil wrappers on Easter eggs (scrunch them together to form a larger ball)

No thanks

  • Cardboard or crafts with glitter on them (rip off the glittery bits!)
  • Plastic sweet bags
  • Chocolate bar wrappers (do the scrunch test)

Easter recycling tip

The wing of an aeroplane in a blue sky

Three ways to reduce your food miles

Individual actions can have a huge collective impact on carbon emissions. Here are three ideas to potentially cut the carbon footprint of your food shop:

  • Shop local: Consider buying some of your food from local producers. A way to Buy Local and reduce the carbon footprint of your produce
  • Grow your own: With National Gardening Week coming up and spring upon us, there's no better time to think about growing your own produce this year. Check out the RHS simple guide to growing your own
  • Buy seasonal: Buying food when it's in season in the UK is a great way to reduce food miles and could also save you money. Check out this guide to seasonal fruit and vegetables from the Vegetarian Society
Recycling champions

A top composting tip from our Hot bin trial

Spring has sprung and our Recycling champions continue to add food waste to their Hot Bins. This month, the White family and the Barber Bacon family both sent us the same tip!

"Be sure to cut up any twigs into smaller 5-10cm sections to ensure the bin remains hot and allow the compost to break it down more easily. We added twigs that were too big, but on realising that, we cut them up adding the hot water bottle and things were back up to speed in no time!"

"My best tip: make the items going into the hotbin small, I think cutting items to about 4cms is recommended and have found doing this has greatly increased the speed in which the food items are composting."

Find out more about the trial on our website.

West Sussex County Council: Book to Recycle

Trial booking system for Household Waste Recycling Sites

West Sussex County Council are now trialling a booking system for attending the Household Waste Recycling Site in Horsham.

Visit their Book to Recycle page for more information and to book a slot.

Stop Food Waste Day

Wednesday 28 April is Stop Food Waste Day, a global campaign to raise awareness of food waste issues. Click below to find out more and take the Stop Food Waste pledge.

Find out more