Recycling and waste news: Meet our Hot Bin trial champions | HWRS update: textiles accepted | Respect, Protect, Enjoy this summer | Don't get caught out: ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence

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Recycling and waste news

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Recycling Champion Amanda and family

Meet our first Recycling Champions

Following a bit of a delay due to the national lockdown, we're delighted to introduce our first Recycling Champions. Amanda (pictured with her three children) has signed her family up to trial a Hot Bin organic composter for six months.

Hot Bin can take anything from cooked food waste (including bones) to peelings and turn it into rich compost in 30 – 90 days by heating the waste up to 60°C. The result is a nutrient-rich compost for your garden for minimal effort and reduced food waste in your rubbish bin.

In our short video, Amanda talks to Councillor Philip Circus about the project and why she wanted to get involved.


Hot bin temperature shows 47 degrees

So, how does a Hot Bin fare in hot weather?

The Hot Bin works faster than cold composting because it insulates the waste inside to maintain an optimum temperature of 40-60 degrees celsius.

Last week, as the temperature in Amanda's garden rose to 32 degrees, she sent us this picture - the Hot Bin was holding in the green (optimum) area at 47 degrees celsius.


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Household Waste Recycling Sites now taking all materials

The Household Waste Recycling Sites, which are run by West Sussex County Council, are now accepting all materials, including textiles.

Respect Protect Enjoy sticker

Respect, Protect and Enjoy the District this summer

We are encouraging residents to respect their local area, protect their environment and enjoy Horsham District this summer. The #RespectProtectEnjoy campaign aims to help reduce littering and protect our widlife, as well as supporting local businesses.

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Your waste is your responsibility until it is disposed of correctly

Don't get caught out: ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence

Your waste is your responsibility until it is disposed of correctly. This means that if your waste is found fly-tipped, you could be prosecuted.

To protect yourself from rogue traders, always ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence before you hire someone to dispose of your rubbish.

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