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Issue 56 | 6 March 2023

Microphone in a court house

Nightingale courts to stay open in 2023

We are keeping 24 temporary courtrooms open in England and Wales open for another year to help reduce waiting times and deliver swifter justice for victims.

News Headlines

Improving Welsh language services at HMCTS

Read about our Welsh Language Unit and the improvements we're making to ensure that courts and tribunals users can communicate with us in Welsh if they choose.

Apply for property and affairs deputyships online

Court of Protection Property and Affairs Deputyship online forms have now been updated
to support applications being made for orders relating to under-18s. 

Watch a video of our Common Platform webinar

We hosted a webinar for defence professionals on recent progress we’ve made developing
the Common Platform case management system and introducing it to criminal courts.

Warning on ‘Cestui Que Vie Trust’ car insurance scams

Fraudsters are offering false ‘common law’ car insurance and claiming that the insurance
is backed by the holder’s ‘cestui que vie trust’.

Other News

Defence solicitors and barristers can join any of our Common Platform drop-in support sessions held on Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Thursdays at 9am.

You can watch a video of our webinar for legal professionals to give an overview of how to submit property and affairs deputyship applications to the Court of Protection online.

We've published management information for December 2021 to December 2022.
We use this information to understand workload volumes and timeliness nationally.

You can find updates on our Reform Programme, as well as project summaries, in the notes of the latest Strategic Engagement Group meeting with legal professional associations.

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