Criminal Justice System Common Platform Programme defence practitioner research sessions

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The CJS Common Platform Programme user research team will be visiting the Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts on 25 January 2017 to conduct user testing with defence practitioners. 


We will be using this opportunity to test our hearing result screens and find out more about hearing events and what they mean to those that will use the Common Platform.  If you are a defence practitioner and would like to take part in user testing our hearing result screens please register for a ticket


We also have an additional user research session in which we want defence practitioners to show us how they would organise and label the typical events that can occur during a hearing e.g. ‘Prosecution Opening of Fact’ or ‘Mitigation by Defence’. Please register for a ticket if you want to attend this session.


Once you have registered for a ticket, we will contact you to confirm the details of the sessions. If you have further questions on these sessions please email Leanne Galbraith or contact her by telephone on 07739 432 754.