Update - 18 December 2020

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COVID 19 Update 18 December 2020


  • Christmas opening times

  • School arrangements for January 2021

  • Test Trace Protect working hours over the holidays

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School Arrangements for January 2021

In light of the Welsh Government’s announcement for new restrictions for Wales after Christmas there have also been national decisions taken about the provision of education when schools reopen in January.

Welsh Government has advised local authorities that a more flexible approach will be needed to account for possible increases in the transmission of the virus, particularly after the Christmas holidays where there will have been greater mixing between families. They have advised schools to make greater use of remote learning approaches in the first few weeks of the new year, with an expectation that all schools will be back to delivering face-to-face learning by 18 January, unless exceptional circumstances exist.

Flintshire County Council has taken the decision, in consultation with its head teachers and in line with Welsh Government advice, that Flintshire schools will not reopen for face-to-face learning for the week beginning 4 January 2021 and will provide online learning for all pupils. 

Each school will be contacting parents to identify which children may need to continue to attend school during this time – for example children of critical workers. 

The decision when to move schools back to face to face learning will not be made until 6 January. The Council’s aim is to return to face to face learning as quickly as possible, but only when it is safe to do so.

Children entitled to Free School Meals will continue to receive direct payments for the period of remote learning. More details around catering arrangements for children who need to attend school either as a vulnerable learner or for childcare arrangements will be communicated as quickly as possible. 

It is our expectation that all learners will receive the same learning offer from their school whether they are at home and engaged in remote learning or whether they need to be physically in the building.

We will continue to provide parents and carers with information via letters from schools and on our website flintshire.gov.uk.

Picking up the call to Test Trace Protect over Christmas could be the best present you ever give

The Test Trace Protect teams will continue to operate over the Christmas and New Year period.   If you live in Flintshire the opening hours for the Team are given below:

Christmas Eve - 8am - 5pm

Christmas Day and Boxing Day - 10am - 3pm

Sunday 27 December - 10am - 6pm 

28 December to 30 December - 8am - 8pm

New Year's Eve - 8am - 5pm

New Year's Day - 10am - 5pm

Usual operating hours - 8am to 8pm - will resume from Saturday 2 January 2021.

Although we are all hoping to have some quiet time over Christmas it is important to remember that COVID-19 is an ever-present threat. 

Whilst we appreciate that receiving a call from Test Trace Protect on Christmas Day would not be your ideal Christmas gift, picking up the phone could be the best Christmas present you ever give to someone else.  You could literally be saving someone’s life.

Please follow the guidance provided on our website Christmas2020 and stay safe this Christmas.


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