Update 6 April 2020

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Coronavirus - COVID 19

Update 6 April  2020

Deeside Leisure Centre

Sports Hall

Deeside Leisure Centre (DLC) has been selected as the best available site for an Emergency Hospital to serve the Eastern area of North Wales because of its location and accessibility by road; its size and internal layout; the availability of utilities and facilities such as accessible toilet and washing facilities. DLC also has the advantage of being able to have extended bed capacity beyond the initial 250 target if needed.

DLC was chosen on Thursday 2 April by a team of partners including a multi-disciplinary professional team from the Health Board, the Council as the landlord, the Ambulance Service, the Fire Service and the Military, and in consultation with Aura Wales as the tenant.

We now have the important task of transforming DLC into a temporary hospital by the end of April in readiness for the expected peak in demand for hospital admissions.

The two main ward spaces will be the sports hall and the skate park hall. The ice rink, which is currently in a dry condition with no ice covering, is a third space held in reserve. The decision to demolish the skate park equipment was taken as the most time-efficient option to enable the principal contractor, who will fit-out the hospital, immediate access to DLC from Monday 6 April.

More information will follow on how the temporary hospital will operate, and when it will be opened. The hospital will be managed by the Health Board.

DLC will be returned to full use once the emergency situation is over. Aura and the Council will assess the options for the skate park hall and what can be offered in this space once the emergency situation is over. The Council is approaching Welsh Government for financial support to reinstate DLC with new equipment for a leisure offer for the future.

Photo above of DLC sports hall


DLC rink

Work begins at DLC

Free school meals – information for parents

The Council would like to reassure and inform parents who may have queries about free school meals.

Please email any questions to freeschoolmeals@flintshire.gov.uk and include the following information to ensure that your query is dealt with as quickly as possible:

  • Parent’s name
  • Full address including postcode
  • Children’s names and DOB- this will determine the number of meals
  • Whether any of the children have any allergies
  • Parent's contact details - email or mobile

Coronavirus Regulations Affecting Businesses – How to Report Concerns or Seek Advice

Since the introduction of widely-publicised trading restrictions and social distancing requirements for businesses at this time by the Government, there is an increased awareness within local communities that a small minority of businesses are not complying.

The Council’s Community and Business Protection Service, in line with councils across the United Kingdom, will be responding to complaints of non-compliance.

The Council will use its powers appropriately and proportionately to ensure full compliance with the Regulations and council officers will also continue to offer advice and guidance where required.

We hope to work constructively with those businesses that are permitted to open through engagement and education. Enforcement powers will only be used as a last resort.

During these difficult times, it is important that everybody works together and recognises their responsibilities during the course of this emergency.

A dedicated phone number and e-mail address has been established for residents and businesses to report any concerns that they may have:

Calls and emails will be monitored during office hours (Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00)