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Food waste

Even after bringing all our shopping home, we often end up throwing away food, especially at Christmas time.

Household food waste can be recycled to generate renewable energy and bio-fertiliser that is spread back onto farmland.

We collect food waste every week. Simply place your food waste in the biobag liner in your food waste caddy and place it out for collection with the rest of your recycling.

• Windfalls
• Pasta, rice and cereal
• Food past its use-by date
• Mouldy food and leftovers
• Fish / meat (including bones and skin)
• Tea bags and coffee grounds
• Eggs (and shells), cheese & yoghurt
• Fruit and vegetable peelings
• Stale bread, cakes and confectionery
• Pet food
• Solid fat

Not accepted:
No liquids or oils. Oil banks are available at your local Household Recycling Centre. Please do not pour fat or oil down the drain or sink, as it can clog up drains and sewers. We do not accept packaging of any kind in the food waste caddies, even if it is biodegradable.

We will not empty caddies if plastic bags or biobags not issued by us are used to line them, as this can contaminate the load. Biobags are expensive, please fill them before tying them up.

Replacement biobag liners and food waste caddies are available from Flintshire Connects Centres and your nearest Household Recycling Centre or tie a bag to the handle of your food waste container on collection day.

More information 

Waste and recycling during the holidays

There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

However, all household recycling centres will be open throughout the festive period except for Christmas Day.  Check out opening times below:

HRC times

To check when your refuse and recycling will be collected and download a calendar, click on "Read more" below.

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Opening hours and emergency contact numbers over Christmas

opening times