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March, 2023

Welcome to the latest issue of Health and Social Care News East Sussex. 

With the clocks springing forward in March, the days are getting longer and the promise of summer is in the air. But this being England, it's wise to also carry an umbrella - just in case.

And while those longer, milder days are very welcome, it's important to remember that for some it can still be a stressful and lonely time of the year. Stress Awareness Month reminds us all to take time from our busy days to manage our worries in a healthy way - maybe that's a walk, a talk with friends or even just taking time to do nothing at all.

Loneliness is a very personal things, and our story with Laura highlights that it can happen to anyone, for reasons that are sometimes unclear.

Look after yourselves, and we hope you enjoy April and all the great things this time of year can offer.

New community teams help thousands to receive urgent care in their own homes

NHS Sussex logo

People across Sussex are being given the chance to live independently for longer with the help of urgent community response healthcare teams.

The teams enable people who might otherwise need an ambulance or treatment in A&E to receive medical support care in their own homes.

Find out more about urgent community response services.

Take time to take a minute to look after your own health and wellbeing this April

Stress Awareness burnout

From managing the rise in the cost of living to juggling relationships, stress caused by modern life can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to manage your worries in a healthy way during Stress Awareness Month this April by learning more about taking care of yourself.

Image by Nataliya Vaitkevich via Pexels.

Shades of blue...Laura shares her story of coping with loneliness after the pandemic

Laura and daughter

The past few years have been tough. The pandemic has left its mark on most people in one way or another, and while the world moved on and things supposedly ‘got back to normal’, many people have been left feeling anything but.

Having a mental health problem can increase your chance of feeling lonely, but anyone can feel lonely at any point in their lives, writes Laura Gooch.

Read Laura's story

Homes for Ukraine: one year on we talk to Clare about the delights of being a host

Maria and Clare

So far, more than 800 East Sussex residents have shown kindness and compassion to people fleeing from the war in Ukraine by offering them shelter through the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

During the 12 months the scheme has been running, they have offered more than 1,600 Ukrainians a place in their homes where they can feel safe and secure.

Read about Clare's experience of being host.

NHS Bexhill Primary Care Network holds second successful blood pressure event

blood pressure tests

With raised blood pressure the number one cause of preventable death worldwide, understanding the risks and how to reduce them is a hugely important part of keeping yourself healthy.

With this in mind, more than 130 people attended a blood pressure awareness event and had their pulse checked at Bexhill Primary Care Network and Little Common and Old Town surgery in March.

Read more about managing your blood pressure

World Autism Acceptance Week raises awareness of neurodiversity


Did you know that around 1 in 100 people in the UK are diagnosed with Autism? Did you also know there are many services in East Sussex that help to make our county friendlier to people who are on the autistic spectrum?

Learn more about Autism for Autism Acceptance Week.

Image by Polina Kovaleva via Pexels.

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