Autumn 2022 Parent Voice Newsletter

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Parent Voice

October 2022

Welcome to our Autumn Parent Voice Newsletter! We are excited to share some helpful information, ideas and great opportunities for children and families this season.

The Draft SEND Strategy 2022-2025 Consultation: Share your views and voice

The ISEND Engagement and Participation Officer consulting with young people in an engagement session for the SEND Strategy 2022-2025.

We'd love you to share your views in the survey for the draft East Sussex Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy 2022-2025.  It's the last few days of this consultation which closes at midnight on 24 October 2022.

Over the last year, a group of different partners across East Sussex worked together to develop a draft SEND Strategy 2022-2025 and they now want to gather more views on the draft from the wider SEND community in a survey.

Please take part in this survey if you can, to help get the shared priorities across education, health and social care right for our SEND community in East Sussex.

At the heart of the Strategy we hope to reflect the views and voices of young people we have collected in the engagement sessions throughout each stages of development.

Share your views in the survey on the ESCC consultation hub for the Draft East Sussex SEND Strategy 2022-2025 before midnight on 24 October 2022.


Five Autumn Half-Term Activity Ideas for SEND Families

A child dressed in a princess costume holding a pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face at their hips.


With October half-term days away, take a look at our article in YourEastSussex featuring events collected from East Sussex i-go partners for families with children and young people with SEND enjoy together this Autumn! 

From spooktacularly themed farm trails to haunted Halloween parties, there are many ways for families to share seasonal scares, laughs and memories together over the October half-term. 

For up-to-date information on activity resources and ideas, follow our ISEND Facebook page at @ISENDEastSussex and our @eastsussexigo page.   


EBSA Emotionally Based School Avoidance


Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) is a term used to describe some children and young people who do not attend school due to emotional factors.

ISEND staff have worked with members of the East Sussex Parent Carer Forum (ESPCF) to gather the views of parent carers about EBSA. This information was used to produce a toolkit which is now starting to be used in schools and an information booklet for parents and carers, which includes EBSA information for children and young people.

You can see the parent carer EBSA booklet here:

SEND Resources and Opportunities for Families in East Sussex

An illustration of a young girl pointing to a book asking for information from a woman.

There are various opportunities, resources and information for families with children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Important Updates & Information for SEND Families:

Did you register for an i-go card yet?  i-go is the Children and Young People’s Additional Needs Register (previously the Children’s Disability Register).  If your child or young person is on the register, you can get a membership card with get some great discounts for weekend and half-term family activities and days out. 

Did you also know a diagnosis isn't always needed?

You can find out more on the East Sussex i-go website

Stay up-to-date on information, resources and support this summer:

Make sure to follow our Facebook pages to regularly get updates on available support, information and resources that we have in our SEND community over the summer holiday, from helpful mental health resources to activity ideas for summer to bespoke events for parents and carers:



@CLASSPlusEastSussex (for families with children with autism)

You can also follow us on our Twitter page for quick updates and resources for schools and families @ISENDEastSussex!

There’s also some great fact sheets, peer support groups, workshops and more with Amaze.

Share you views with ESPCF:

 East Sussex Parent Carer Forum is the forum representing parent carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in East Sussex.

Follow ESPCF on Facebook

Or find the latest news from the Forum here!


CLASS+ Coffee & Chat sessions are coming your way:

The CLASS+ team holds regular Coffee & Chat sessions for parent carers of autistic children - or children on the autistic pathway.  It's an opportunity to get together to share challenges, views and ideas.

The team try to get to schools across the county, so follow @CLASSPlusEastSussex on Facebook to find out where the sessions will be held next month!

Rethinking Parent Voice

In the last issue we asked for your feedback about ways to improve this newsletter, including changing the name and letting us know what you'd like to see.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey!

We'll be working on developing some of those changes when we're ready to launch the new SEND Strategy 2022-2025.

Keep on sharing your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the newsletter by emailing