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11 March 2021

An update for everyone in East Sussex

No symptoms? You can still get tested

community testing

Community testing for Covid-19 in people with no symptoms is now on offer in East Sussex, including for anyone who needs to leave home to work, to volunteer or care for someone else.

Tests can be booked at several community pharmacies across Sussex, or at dedicated testing sites in Brighton and Hove. 

One in three people with coronavirus have no symptoms and can spread the virus without knowing. Community testing allows people who feel well to check for infection so they can self-isolate if the test is positive, helping life to return to close to normal as quickly as possible. 

If you have no symptoms AND regularly need to leave home to work, care or volunteer AND are not already covered by another testing programme, you can book tests now.


The tests (known as lateral flow tests) typically give a result in around 30 minutes which is sent to you by phone or email. 

There are other ways to get regular symptom-free testing if you are in one of these groups:

Full information about getting tested in East Sussex, including where to book if you DO have symptoms,  is available at eastsussex.gov.uk/covidtests

Jab extended to everyone aged 55+

vaccine update

Everyone aged between 55 and 59  in East Sussex is now being contacted with the offer of a vaccination against the virus.  The life-saving jab can be given at a time and place convenient for you.

When you receive a letter it will invite you to go online to the national booking service to arrange this. If anyone is not able to go online, they can call 119 free of charge.

More information about the NHS vaccination programme in Sussex

Are you a carer? More about your jab


Do you look after a relative, friend or neighbour who couldn’t manage without your support?

If you’re not already in contact with local carers services or registered with your GP as a carer, you can register to be updated on getting a COVID vaccination once information is available:

Register your details as a carer

If you’re aged 18 or over and in receipt of Carers Allowance, or registered with your GP as a carer, you can book your vaccination appointment directly. For more information, visit: Vaccination for carers, frequent questions

Making your vote...remote

postal vote

Did you know you can register to vote by post in May's elections in East Sussex?

Voting takes place on Thursday 6 May, including for all 50 members of East Sussex County Council,

There'll also be elections for some district or borough councillors, and for the police and crime commissioner for East Sussex.  

Polling stations will be open in the normal way, with a few adjustments to make them as Covid-secure as possible. If you'd prefer to vote by post, you can arrange this now. 

Electoral Commission: voting by post 

And finally...let's not mess it up now

Countdown to picnics

It's good news that the number of Covid cases in East Sussex has been falling steadily. If we keep protecting ourselves, and each other, we'll be able to follow the Government's path back towards a more normal life in England. 

But the situation is still fragile. Please continue to follow the restrictions in place, even if you have been vaccinated. Stay at home wherever possible, don't meet more than one other person outdoors and keep a distance from other people. 

By doing this now, we can hope to enjoy a fuller life again soon. Let's not mess it up now

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Stay home, save lives.