Safe in East Sussex Autumn Newsletter 2020

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Safe in East Sussex

Autumn Edition 2020

Substance Misuse


We have an exciting new addition to our commissioned services. Adfam work with family and loved ones caring for those affected by addiction and recovery from substances, their contract started on October 1st. As a national provider they have a wealth of knowledge and experience we hope will infuse good practice and service reach into our East Sussex recovery and caring communities. You can read more about Adfam here.


Following the Conversation about drugs and alcohol consultation, which was held in March,  local recovery services have taken part in a further consultation to inform the next public health Alcohol (harm) Strategy. Getting service users voices involved in shaping what alcohol harm and relationships with alcohol look like for them in focus groups, whilst an online survey reached out to members of the public and professionals. Collaborative work between Public Health, the Substance Misuse team and our Commissioned Service leads was both positive and supportive.

Street Community

A community project established in response to the impact COVID19 had on some members of the street community in temporary accommodation has started. The project includes a structured programme of harm reduction support as well as diversionary activities such as art, which has proven very popular.

Training for providers of temporary accommodation and 'harm reduction' training has  been delivered and was well attended. For further information please email Victoria Walters Community Development Officer

Specialist domestic and sexual violence and abuse services

DA article

East Sussex County Council alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Clinical Commissioning Group are recommissioning domestic and sexual violence and abuse, stalking and harassment services across the county.

The recommission is in line with procurement law and doesn’t mean we are unhappy with the way services are currently being provided, but it does give us an opportunity to set out how we want to collectively achieve our ambition to see an end to domestic and sexual violence and abuse in Sussex and to keep people safe.

We are committed to preventing domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the first place, improving the support and protection for victims and their children, and ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

Contracts for services for the next seven years will be awarded in December this year and will go live on 1st April 2021.

If you require further information visit our website to read the Pan Sussex Strategic Framework for Domestic and sexual violence and abuse 2020 - 2024 or contact Micheala Richards Joint Strategic Commissioner for Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Services

If you or someone you know needs local help and advice please visit our website

Anti-Slavery Day 2020

Modern Slavery

Council and police leaders across Sussex marked the occasion of Anti-Slavery Day on Sunday 18th October 2020 by signing up to a joint pledge to stop all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation.

The Modern Slavery Pledge, signed by Chief Executive Becky Shaw, Council Leader Councillor Keith Glazier, and the lead member for Communities and Safety Councillor Bill Bentley, underlines East Sussex County Council's commitment to Sussex-wide plans to end modern slavery and human trafficking. 

In the last 12 months (to September 25) Sussex Police recorded 86 crimes relevant to the Modern Slavery Act which were linked to East Sussex.  

Inform the police if you have information about a potential victim, someone suspected of exploiting others or a location where it may be occurring. You can call 101 or report it online. Where someone is at risk or if the matter is time critical, always call 999.

You can also report suspicions or seek advice 24/7 from the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Reducing Reoffending Trailblazers


In October Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) Reducing Reoffending Directorate awarded  East Sussex 'trailblazer status' for adopting a whole-system approach to improving the outcomes for prison leavers.

East Sussex trailblazers are testing new ways of working with partner agencies and stakeholders and will be working closely with the directorate to improve reoffending outcomes. The hope is that the project will uncover new and exciting innovative ways of working.

In December 2019 the total prison population in the UK was 83,023. Approximately 66,000 leave prison each year and 15% of men and 13% of women in prisons listed ‘no fixed abode’ as their accommodation status when leaving prison.

Homeless ex-prisoners are significantly more likely to reoffend than those with accommodation. Research by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) showed that 79% of those who were previously homeless went on to be convicted in the first year after being released. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this work please email  

Community Safety in Schools

stay safe

The Stay Safe Directory contains information on a variety of programmes and workshops which are offered by a range of agencies and organisations. They focus on different strands of community safety and personal safety such as cyberbullying and preventing extremism. 

The Safer East Sussex Team deliver a number of programmes to schools and colleges and some of these are highlighted below:

The Relation-SHOPs Programme -  focuses on the different types of relationships young people have in the world today and are divided into 4 themed workSHOPs: Our Relationship with: Ourselves, Others, Our Community and the Digital World

Preventing Extremism Assemblies - examines what is meant by extremism and the process of online radicalisation. What hate crime is and how it can develop into adopting extremist views when left unchallenged.

Themed Assemblies and ' Against Exploitation' workshops are delivered around current issues such as county lines and child criminal exploitation. Helping young people understand what and who gangs /drug dealers are, de-busting the myths ,what exploitation involves and looks like. It also helps them to understand what some of the consequences could be if they became involved.

We work closely with Sussex Police, and when they are able to, local police officers attend some of these workshops to help enforce some key messages to young people about keeping safe.

If you are interested in finding out more about this work please email 

Introducing the Adult Social Care and Health (ASC&H) Programme

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that, like many of our partners, Adult Social Care and Health has had to rapidly adjust the way we work, sometimes radically. To ensure we can continue to viably and safely provide the care, support and advice that our clients rely upon, a decision has been made to explore and embed new ways of working through the Adult Social Care and Health (ASC&H) Programme.

This programme aims to ensure that the organisation will be able to operate to the best of its abilities in the longer term. We’ll take into account lessons learnt from the immediate and short-term responses to Covid-19, as well as the overall effects of the pandemic on local authorities and on Adult Social Care and Health in particular.

Areas we’ll look at include how we use technology and data, our staff working arrangements, and how we plan and pay for services in the context of coronavirus. Sustainable community hubs and the planning taking place with hub partners forms a key part of this overall programme, as it looks at how people vulnerable to coronavirus will be supported in the future.

It’s important to note the ASCH Programme has not been established to make savings. Some efficiencies may be made incidentally as a result of changes. Equally, some investment needs may be identified to ensure that staff can continue to deliver services safely. This would be considered by Cabinet as part of the annual budget setting process.

Useful links

safe space

Safe: Space Sussex - provides an online directory of local victim and witness specialist support services.
It also provides information about different types of crime and what happens at each stage of the criminal justice system, helping to 'demystify' the process for people when they may be at their most vulnerable.

Help children balance screen time and adopt a healthy digital diet. have some practical and useful advice on the benefits and the potential impact screen time can have on your child with  insights from parents, children and experts on the issue.

Eastbourne Youth Radio (EYR) broadcasting from 18th-20th November

Organised by Eastbourne Education Business Partnership and East Sussex College        Eastbourne Youth Radio sees students from local schools and other organisations, present over 50 hours of programmes. They will once again be supporting Anti-Bullying Week and exploring related mental health and emotional wellbeing issues that have seen an increase during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Will take place from Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November 2020. The theme this year is United Against Bullying and will start with Odd Socks Day to mark the first day of Anti-Bullying Week. For further information and resources please visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.