What you told us - the impact of coronavirus in East Sussex

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East Sussex together

17 July 2020


An update for everyone in East Sussex

Coping with the virus: what you told us

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Many thanks to everyone who took our survey on how the virus is affecting you. There were well over 10,000 responses, and what you told us will guide our work to help East Sussex rebuild and recover. 

The full results and background to the survey are now on our site but here's a selection from what you told us:

  • Community: more than one in three people (35%) said they felt closer to their community as a result of the virus. A similar number (36%) felt there was no change and a slightly smaller number (28%) said they felt more distant
  • Your finances: one in 10 people (10%) said their household income had been greatly reduced by the pandemic and a further one in four (26%) said they had suffered some reduction 
  • Health and care: your biggest concern, chosen by almost half (47%). The next greatest areas of concern were finances (20%), education (15%) and crime and safety (7%)
  • Education: more parents of school-age children said they would be confident sending their children to school than not. Of these, 42% were confident, 40% were not and 12% were unsure
  • Local economy: improving the local economy was the single biggest priority for the future (chosen by 30% of people). This was closely followed by quality of life (24%), by public services and by the environment (both 17%) and then by education (12%).

Full details of the survey and how we are responding are on our site

From the Director of Public Health

Darrell Gale

A message from Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health for East Sussex

"East Sussex has relatively low rates of Covid-19 infection though in some parts we are seeing slightly raised levels of cases. Like all parts of the country, we have published an Outbreak Control Plan to show how we'd respond to any local surge in cases. 

"In the event of a local outbreak, I or other public health leaders might ask you to avoid certain places or even to stay at home, as the situation is controlled. We'd use this email (among many other methods) to inform you as swiftly as possible of what needs to be done. 

"Of course, I hope this will never be necessary and we can all work together to avoid it. Above all, please:

  • keep 2 metres apart from other people where possible
  • regularly wash your hands
  • immediately self-isolate and arrange a test if you have symptoms of the virus (a new persistent cough, a change in smell or taste, or a fever).  
  • make sure you act as asked if someone from the NHS Test and Trace programme contacts you because you have been exposed to someone with the virus.

"On our website you can see the latest information from the Test and Trace programme about cases where you live. I hope this may reassure you, as well as remind you why we must all stay alert."

Life after shielding

Image of woman with raised hands

Are you venturing out for the first time in months after shielding for medical reasons? We know it hasn't been easy for more than 21,000 East Sussex residents who were asked to shield themselves back in March.

We've got some of the best and latest advice on staying safe while you get the most from the easing of restrictions.

 Take a look at our piece which suggests some ways to re-adjust your life. 

Stay alert.