East Riding Local Plan Update - Feb 2022

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Newsletter Feb 2022

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The Forward Planning team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been busy working on the Local Plan Update and various pieces of evidence required to take this forward. In this email, we wanted to highlight some key publications following the public consultation last year on the Draft Local Plan Update

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East Riding Local Plan Update - Revised Timetable

Local Plan Update timetable

On 1 February 2022 the Council's Cabinet agreed a new Local Development Scheme (LDS). An LDS is a project plan that sets out the broad timetable for preparing Local Plan documents. We are updating the Strategy Document and Allocations Document, and we undertook public consultation on draft versions of these in 2021. We are grateful for the comments we received and are continuing to review them. As a result of these comments, and ongoing updates to the 'evidence base', we will be looking to make changes to parts of the Local Plan. The new LDS commits us to publishing a revised draft of the Local Plan, known as a pre-submission or publication draft (Regulation 19), for further comment in November-December 2022. 

Go to the LDS online

The pre-submission version of the Local Plan Update is the version which the Council wishes to submit for examination by an independent planning inspector. We will invite comments (representations) on the Plan and these will be provided alongside the pre-submission documents to the planning inspector, as well as any potential changes that we think should also be examined. 

Flood Risk guidance

Cover of Flood Risk SPD

Up to date guidance on development in flood risk areas has been published by the Council in the form of a supplementary planning document (SPD). The Flood Risk Sequential and Exception Test SPD builds on a previous guidance document and was adopted in November 2021 following public consultation on a draft version earlier in the year. The SPD provides further guidance on the application of Policy ENV6 (Managing Environmental Hazards) of the East Riding Local Plan Strategy Document and will be an important material consideration in the determination of planning applications.


AEEFAS Marr Bridge Anlaby

The Council monitors the performance of the Local Plan and development activity across the East Riding through a series of annual reports. Three reports were published in December 2021 and all cover the period April 2020 to March 2021:

  • Authority Monitoring Report  - provides an overview on progress with the Local Plan Update and reports across various development indicators contained within the Local Plan; 
  • Employment Land Monitoring Report - provides information on progress with the development of land identified for employment purposes, either allocated in the Local Plan or on windfall sites where planning permission has been granted; and
  • Infrastructure Funding Statement - sets out how developer contributions have been, and will be, used to provide infrastructure within the East Riding. This funding has been secured through developer contributions from planning permissions. 

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