EPSRC Peer Review College Newsletter - Summer 2019


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EPSRC Peer Review College Newsletter - Summer 2019

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Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of the EPSRC Peer Review College newsletter. It has been a busy period for EPSRC and we wanted to take this opportunity to keep you up to date with some of the key events and changes that are taking place.

The EPSRC delivery plan has been published and our Executive Chair, Lynn Gladden, has announced a series of  Regional Town visits to highlight the areas of EPSRC focus and key activities.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have updated the fEC Grant and Training Grant  terms and conditions, and have signed the San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment.

Below you will also find details of opportunities to apply to join EPSRC advisory bodies including the new Science, Engineering and Technology Board.

We hope that you enjoy the content of this newsletter, if you have any feedback or suggestions for future content please do let us know by e-mailing the EPSRC Business Improvement team.

Thank you!

The Business Improvement Team

Lynn Gladden

Professor Lynn Gladden, EPSRC Executive Chair

UKRI EPSRC Regional Town Meetings

Professor Lynn Gladden, EPSRC Executive Chair, would like to meet with the engineering and physical sciences community through a series of town meetings.

The meetings are planned for:

  • 3 September - Bristol
  • 4 September - Sheffield
  • 5 September - Edinburgh
  • 10 September - London

This is a chance for her to highlight the new exciting opportunities arising within UKRI through our new EPSRC Delivery Plan, in the context of the wider UKRI Delivery Plan, whilst listening to your views and gaining a deeper understanding of the current landscape from your perspective.

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Delivery plans outline vision for research and innovation in the UK

EPSRC recently published its delivery plan in concert with those of the other councils that form UKRI.

The plans set out how UKRI will work with its partners to ensure that world-leading research and innovation continues to flourish in the UK.  

EPSRC announcement

UKRI announcementt this placeholder text.


UKRI signs San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment

UKRI has signed an international declaration aimed at strengthening and promoting best practice in the way research is assessed.

The San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA) recognises the need to improve the ways in which the outputs of research are evaluated with regards to appropriate use of metrics and makes high-level recommendations for how this can be achieved. DORA includes specific recommendations for funders and organisations that undertake evaluation.

Guidance documents for Reviewers and Panel members have been updated to highlight these principles.

UKRI announcement

DORA website

Apply to become an EPSRC Strategic Advisor

EPSRC is seeking applications from respected industrialists, academics, users of research and individuals working in the third sector and government organisations to join EPSRC's Strategic Advisory Bodies.

These bodies provide Heads of Theme at EPSRC with strategic advice to help develop their theme. Particular vacancies in themes can be specified to be either academic, industry/user or open. This is to ensure a balance of representation across each theme.

The deadline for applications is 16:00 on 23 August 2019.

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Science, Engineering & Technology Board

As stated in the EPSRC Delivery Plan, EPSRC will be introducing a new advisory board, the Science, Engineering and Technology Board (SETB) which will use scientific and technological insight to identify and champion bold new research challenges at the cutting edge of engineering and physical sciences for future investment.

Members will be drawn from across EPSRC’s stakeholder groups, reflecting a diverse mix of characteristics and backgrounds. The SETB will provide a formal and transparent process to provide advice on the science, engineering and technology aspects of our portfolio.

The SETB was announced as part of the Delivery Plan launch on 10th June 2019. The first meeting (with interim membership) will be on the 11th September 2019. Recruitment for the full board will commence in autumn 2019.

This advice stream is highly important to EPSRC within the context of UKRI. EPSRC needs ever more timely advice in order to adapt and react to the new landscape, funding streams and in preparing for Delivery Planning and Spending Reviews.

The first meeting of the SETB will be on the 11th September 2019, and will be composed of an interim set of members. These members will be drawn from the Big Ideas Advisory Group, who have been advising EPSRC on our Big Ideas initiative.

Recruitment for the full membership of the board will commence in autumn 2019, following the first meeting of the SETB with its interim membership. Representatives from EPSRC Council will serve on the board on a rotating basis.

The SETB, with its full membership recruited, will be initiated on the 1st April 2020. The first meeting will follow shortly after.

EPSRC Big Ideas

de hvvf

A decade of success in the Digital Economy

The Digital Economy Theme has invested more than £200 million in outstanding research over the last ten years, bringing together academics, businesses, government bodies, charities and public organisations to deliver real-world impact through exciting initiatives

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Updated T&Cs

Update to the UKRI fEC Grant and Training Grant Terms and Conditions

UKRI has updated its fEC Grant Terms and Conditions and Training Grant Terms and Conditions.

In this revision UKRI has set out expectations relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, safeguarding, bullying and harassment and to guard against duplicate funding.

UKRI’s position relating to payment of costs for familial leave for fEC Grants has been clarified, and our policy position relating to sick leave has been amended on both fEC Grants and Training Grants.

A new condition relating to peer review has been introduced, which is intended to encourage researchers in receipt of UKRI funding to undertake a review where possible, reflecting peer review’s importance to the UKRI vision to ensure that world leading research and innovation continues to grow and flourish in the UK.

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Peer Review Panel Member Feedback

Just a reminder that whenever you serve on one of our panel meetings as a panel member or chair we would like you to leave us feedback on how you found the process. There is a link on the  extranet to an anonymous Smartsurvey which will only take a few minutes to complete.

We use the information that we gather from this survey to make changes which we hope improve your experience of preparing for and attending Panel meetings.

For example the panel presentation is now made available to you via the extranet in advance of the meeting to help with your preparations.

Please take the time to fill in the questionnaire and help make a difference.

Complete survey

ED & I

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) at EPSRC

Creating a research and innovation environment which fully supports equality, diversity and inclusion for all is critical to the ability to respond to current and emerging research challenges. As outlined in our new Delivery Plan, accessing talent through ED&I is a priority area for EPSRC. We aim to support a diverse and inclusive research environment where there is equal access to opportunities. 

Our objective is to embed ED&I in all that we do, ensuring that the activities we support and the research that we fund drives change in our community and supports a system that is inclusive for everyone. We are working together as part of UKRI to better understand and address the diversity challenges. To find out more about EPSRC's past and future activities related to ED&I, please visit our new set of webpages.

ED&I Webpages

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Please ensure that your Je-S profile is fully completed and up to date so that you can be selected to review the most relevant proposals.

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Investment Timeline

Recognising that the research funding landscape is busy and complex we have added an Investment Timeline to our website to help with your forward planning for grant applications.

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