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Key Planning Applications Received 

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Willoughby HouseFore StreetSeatonEX12 2AD

Change of use from Office (Use Class E(g)(i)) and alteration of Willoughby House to create 2no. dwellinghouses (Use Class C3). Erection of 3no. dwellinghouses with integral garages, plus formation and layout of internal access road and parking. Creation of pedestrian access to Underfleet including construction of steps. | Validated: 31/03/2022

AshfieldVicarage RoadEast BudleighBudleigh SaltertonEX9 7EF

Retrospective application for the replacement of access gate to applicant's land. | Validated: 31/03/2022

11 CranfordSidmouthEX10 8UT

Sycamore (T1) : selectively reduce and thin cluster of secondary branches on east side of main stem to provide clearance of neighbouring roof and guttering; reduction cuts no longer than 2 metres with a maximum diameter of 50mm; thinning cuts no greater than 75mm diameter with a maximum length of 3 metres. Works will balance lower canopy. | Validated: 31/03/2022

2 Parsons Paddock Exeter RoadNewton PopplefordEX10 0FD

Alterations to fenestration | Validated: 30/03/2022

Brampford HouseBrampford SpekeExeterEX5 5DW

Construction of sun room to the rear | Validated: 30/03/2022

Brampford HouseBrampford SpekeExeterEX5 5DW

Construction of sun room to the rear | Validated: 30/03/2022

18 Minifie RoadHonitonEX14 1NF

Erection of a semi-detached dwelling | Validated: 30/03/2022

Rivermead CottageWhitfordAxminsterEX13 7NR

Installation of 11 x solar panels on roof. | Validated: 30/03/2022

3 Talaton Farm Barns TalatonDevonEX5 2SA

Installation of air source heat pump and removal of external oil boiler. | Validated: 30/03/2022

Bussells FarmHuxham

Outline application for the erection of a two storey 4-bed detached dwelling with all matters reserved | Validated: 30/03/2022

Russetts Oakhayes RoadWoodburyDevonEX5 1JT

Proposed small balcony to existing first floor bedroom | Validated: 30/03/2022

Salcombe House Fore StreetSeatonDevonEX12 2LE

Replacement of shopfront. | Validated: 30/03/2022

Holm OakClyst St GeorgeExeterEX3 0RE

T1, Yew : Crown lift over road ensuring clearance of 5.2mT2, Holm Oak : Crown reduce by no more than 1/1.5 m or back to previous points is lesser and reshape tree ensuring a balanced and uniformed shape is retained.T3, Hormbeam : Reduce height down to approx 1m above current hedge line, as shown on attached picture.T4, Holm Oak : Crown reduce by no more than 1/1.5 m or back to previous points if lesser and reshape ensuring the tree retains balanced and uniform shape.T5, Yew : Fell to ground level. replacement with either Hawthorn/Crab apple or Judas Tree (preferred choice) | Validated: 30/03/2022

Newcourt BartonClyst RoadTopshamExeterEX3 0DB

Demolition of existing annexe dwelling and construction of four bedroom annexe dwelling | Validated: 29/03/2022

Huxham Wood Farm PoltimoreDevonEX4 0AA

Erection of a building to accommodate 5 stables and associated private equestrian storage spaces. | Validated: 29/03/2022

Courtneys Farm Clyst HydonDevonEX15 2NH

Erection of agricultural building. | Validated: 29/03/2022

1 CamdenElysian FieldsSidmouthEX10 8UH

G1, Sycamore : crown lift to 5m above ground level over access driveway only. Maximum diameter of cut (MDC) 100mmG2, Bay : coppice remaining stems following recent stem failure over driveway.G3, Cypress : reduce height by approximately 3m and trim both sides to contain.T4, Sycamore : dismantle in sections to near ground level.Reason for works:G1 - Access has become difficult for larger vehicles using the driveway to access the other properties.G2 - Safety, recent stem failure has left the remaining stems compromisedG3 - Overgrown Cypress boundary hedge, reducing the entire line of trees to contain the height and spread, to encourage thickening for a screen.T4 - Weak union at base of the tree, compression fork with elements of decay on southern side. | Validated: 29/03/2022

Kilmore HousePoltimoreExeterEX4 0AT

Outline application for an exception site comprising of 4 affordable houses and 2 open market houses | Validated: 29/03/2022

79 High StreetHonitonEX14 1PG

Re-construct and replace mono-pitch roof on rear elevation facing onto Silver Street; replacement rainwater goods on rear elevation and replace gable verge board | Validated: 29/03/2022

Godfreys FarmPayhemburyHonitonEX14 3HZ

Re-slate roof, Including battens and felting, replace rainwater goods and timber fascias | Validated: 29/03/2022

Upper Cottage RocombeDT7 3RR

Single storey side extension with glazed link, external alterations and demolition of existing outhouse | Validated: 29/03/2022

27 Hale LaneHonitonDevonEX14 1HN

Two storey rear extension. | Validated: 29/03/2022

Farthings WoodburyEX5 1JX

Two storey side extension to include revised porch, change of roof material to slate and alterations to fenestration. | Validated: 29/03/2022

20 New StreetOttery St MaryEX11 1EA

Construction of single storey rear extension, loft conversion including the increase of existing roof pitch, raising of existing ridge, rear dormer and front roof window and demolition of existing side extension. | Validated: 28/03/2022

70 Exeter RoadExmouthEX8 1PY

Installation of a medipoint machine sign with vinyl wrap to the front | Validated: 28/03/2022

70 Exeter RoadExmouthEX8 1PY

Installation of a medipoint machine sign with vinyl wrap to the front | Validated: 28/03/2022

Bernaville NurseriesThree Horse ShoesCowleyExeterEX5 5EU

Proposed kitchen and restaurant extensions | Validated: 28/03/2022

Fair View1 BrackendownWest HillOttery St MaryEX11 1NT

Scots Pine 1 : remove large limb; cut back two smaller limbs; crown thin 20% as indicated in planning statementReason : to reduce overhang, needle accumulation and reduce fire risk fire (see planning statement) | Validated: 28/03/2022

Axmouth Caravan And Camping SiteChurch StreetAxmouthSeatonEX12 4AF

Certificate of existing lawfulness to demonstrate that the land has been used as a camping touring caravan and motorhome site for an period in excess of 10 years | Validated: 25/03/2022

Acorns Northcote HillHonitonDevonEX14 9TH

Certificate of lawfulness application to demonstrate the use of Acorns as a dwellinghouse without an agricultural occupancy condition. | Validated: 25/03/2022

9 Walls CloseExmouthDevonEX8 4LY

Demolition & clearance of existing conservatory. Erection of single storey rear extension with internal alterations & re-arrangements | Validated: 25/03/2022

Stoke Canon Signal BoxChestnut CrescentStoke Canon

Dismantle redundant signal box and part of stone wall (C) and re-locate out of district to Wallingford, Oxfordshire | Validated: 25/03/2022

Hayne FarmPlymtreeCullomptonEX15 2LE

Erection of a two-storey dwelling for agricultural workers | Validated: 25/03/2022

Southcote Convent RoadSidmouthEX10 8RL

Erection of detached double garage and demolition of existing detached garage. | Validated: 25/03/2022

Coxs CottageFarwayColytonDevonEX24 6DF

Erection of detached garage and store with home office within roof space | Validated: 25/03/2022

59 Hamilton LaneExmouthEX8 2LW

New balcony and steps and external alterations. | Validated: 25/03/2022

3 Drakes AvenueSidfordDevonEX10 9QY

Porch to rear extension | Validated: 25/03/2022

Sidmouth Harbour Hotel Manor RoadSidmouthEX10 8RU

Replacement of existing multi-use storage area with provision for covered bin storage, linen trolley storage, swimming pool plant items and other insulated storage. | Validated: 25/03/2022

71 Normandy CloseExmouthEX8 4PB

Restrospective planning to install a 1.2m timber fence around front garden. | Validated: 25/03/2022

Harcombe HouseHarcombe

T002 (0758) Sycamore - section-fell to ground-levelT003 (0759) Scot's pine - selective pruning to include: reduce 2 x lowest primary limbs to S aspect by approx. 2-3m to suitable subordinate growth; reduce primary limb 10m to S aspect by approx. 2m to suitable subordinate growth; remove primary limb at 13m to parent stem; reduce crown-height by approx. 2m to mitigate for pruning/altered exposure, to suitable subordinate growth pointsT004 (0760) Sycamore - reduce west (lineside) stem to a height of approx. 5m to suitable subordinate growth; reduce crown height of remaining 2 stems to mitigate for pruning/altered exposureT005 (0761) Ash - remove primary limb at 8m to W aspect back to parent stem; remove 2 x secondary limbs at 11m and 14m, west aspect back to parent limbsT007 (0763) Beech - Light prune tertiary growth to upper crown only, E aspect (max pruning wound diameter 25mm) to provide clearance above the proposed new conductor routeG1 Hazel - 'high coppice' one small group to approx. 1.5m to provide clearance from new electric apparatusReason - to enable installation of new overhead 11kv cable | Validated: 25/03/2022

Beach GardensEsplanadeExmouth

Temporary change of use of land for siting of 28m observation wheel for three years | Validated: 25/03/2022