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Key Planning Applications Received 

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Corner Of Old Sidmouth Road And Love Lane(Land East Of Sellers Grave)Old Sidmouth RoadColyton

Construct a wooden field shelter and haystore on a concrete base; change of use to equestrian | Validated: 04/11/2021

Barnfield FarmMonktonHonitonEX14 9NL

Erection of a roof structure over existing silage clamp within existing farmyard. | Validated: 04/11/2021

Orchard CottageDunkeswell AbbeyHonitonEX14 4RP

Rebuild new outbuilding on the footprint of previous outbuilding. | Validated: 04/11/2021

Land West Of BurnsideGamberlakeAxminster

Reserved matters comprising access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for 18/1702/OUT (outline application for 4 No. (C3) residential dwellings with associated parking provision (all matters reserved). | Validated: 04/11/2021

FarrantsWhitford RoadKilmingtonAxminsterEX13 7RG

T1, Cham. Lawsoniana : Fell, T2, Cham. Lawsoniana : FellT3, Cham. Lawsoniana : FellT4,Cham. Lawsoniana : FellT5, Cham. Lawsoniana : FellT6, Parrotia Persica : reduce by 1.5 m to 2.0m from the building face. | Validated: 04/11/2021

12 Keverel RoadExmouthEX8 3JB

Installation of front porch | Validated: 03/11/2021

Millmoor CottageMillmoor LaneNewton PopplefordSidmouthEX10 0EU

Retrospective application of a railing on top of an existing front wall. | Validated: 03/11/2021

Sidbury C Of E Primary SchoolChurch StreetSidburySidmouthEX10 0SB

T2, Goat Willow : Remove broken overhanging branchT3, Triple stemmed Alder Dead : Fell tree (ownership being investigated) scrublandT4, Alder : Reduce southern stem by 3 to 4 metres to avoid further leaning into children's play areaG1, Small Ash trees (5) growing through the stream fence, all have ash dieback, remove whilst manageable due to location and potential to fall and damage propertyG2, Maple Tree : Dead remove | Validated: 03/11/2021

12 GlebelandsUplymeLyme RegisDT7 3TB

2 Ash trees to be felled Tc and Tf (which have ash die-back) should be felled because they lean towards the house. | Validated: 02/11/2021

Chilcotts FarmChardstockAxminsterEX13 7BU

Change of use from agricultural land to in association with existing bowling club (Use Class F2(c)) | Validated: 02/11/2021

4 West HillBudleigh SaltertonEX9 6BW

Conversion of coach house to ancillary accommodation | Validated: 02/11/2021

4 West HillBudleigh SaltertonEX9 6BW

Conversion of coach house to ancillary accommodation | Validated: 02/11/2021

Barnfield FarmMonktonHonitonEX14 9NL

Erecting a roof structure over an existing silage clamp within the existing farm yard | Validated: 02/11/2021

MontereyStrawberry HillLympstoneExmouthEX8 5JZ

Holm Oak, T1404 & T1405 : Fell. English Oak T1406 : Reduce the eastern limb by 2.0m utilising maximum diameter cuts of 65mm.Reason : Appropriate arb management to reduce risk of failure due to poor condition/ structure of trees. | Validated: 02/11/2021

Seaton And District Cricket And Tennis Club Court LaneSeatonEX12 2AT

Installation of replacement floodlights | Validated: 02/11/2021

5th Exmouth Sea ScoutsScout HutImperial RoadExmouthEX8 1DB

Proposed Demolition and Construction of New Club and Boat House. | Validated: 02/11/2021

1 BoughfieldBickwell ValleySidmouthEX10 8SG

T1 Lime. The tree is located at the front on garden next to the pavement and has pushed out the flint wall on to pavement. Fell due to damage the tree has caused to the wall. | Validated: 02/11/2021

Longwood Bickwell ValleySidmouthEX10 8SG

T1, Blue lawson cypress on south easterly side of property,dbh 15iches, fell, as unwanted and low amenity value.T2, Indian bean tree,rear garden on westerly side of property, dbh 20 inches plus, reduce via thinning by up to 1.5m, prunning cuts of no more than 75mm, this tree has become to large for the area that it is in, it is suppressing other trees and blocking out the light to them.T3, Holly, rear garden, westerly side of property, dbh 6inches or less, fell, suppressed by indian bean tree, low amenity value. | Validated: 02/11/2021

Land Adjacent GlebelandsGlebelandsUplyme

Ta - young ash (in G1) diseased with ash die-back. Needs to be felledTb - mature ash (in G3) diseased with ash die-back. Needs to be felledTc - young alder (in G1) diseased, likely infected with Phytophthora. Needs to be felledTd - young ash (in G1) diseased with ash die-back. Needs to be felledTe - young ash (in G1) diseased with ash die-back. Needs to be felledTf - young ash (in G1) diseased with ash die-back. Needs to be felled | Validated: 02/11/2021

Garages 1-7 Raddenstile LaneExmouthEX8 2JH

Variation of condition No. 2 (20/0420/VAR) of planning permission ref: 19/1638/FUL. | Validated: 02/11/2021

43 Millers WayHonitonEX14 1JB

Demolition of existing garage, and erection of a two storey side extension | Validated: 01/11/2021

GarlandsStovar Long LaneBeerSeatonEX12 3EA

Enlargement of existing porch on east elevation of dwelling. | Validated: 01/11/2021

8 Higher RidgewayOttery St MaryEX11 1TH

Enlargement of garage and entrance porch. New roof lantern to flat roof. Removal of redundant brick chimney. | Validated: 01/11/2021

BelvedereRocombeLyme RegisDT7 3RR

Erection of a split storey 3 x bed detached dwelling with associated amenity space and erection of a double garage including demolition of existing house. | Validated: 01/11/2021

Curscombe FarmFenitonHonitonEX14 3EU

Installation of a swale | Validated: 01/11/2021

7 Nurseries CloseExtonExeterEX3 0PG

Installation of front dormer and Sun lounge | Validated: 01/11/2021

HillsideLong HillBeerSeatonEX12 3HU

Proposed construction of detached double garage, including regrading of land and construction of retaining walls | Validated: 01/11/2021

Caravan Rakeway Head NorthSouthleighColytonEX24 6JF

Retention of static caravan and its residential use. | Validated: 01/11/2021

DaisylandDulfordCullomptonEX15 2BY

Single storey side extension. | Validated: 01/11/2021

Flat 2BoughfieldBickwell ValleySidmouthEX10 8SG

T1, Cherry : DBH 20inches, fell, as dead/dying | Validated: 01/11/2021

55 Peaslands RoadSidmouthEX10 9BE

Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) of planning application 21/1148/FUL (Construction of a two-storey dwelling) | Validated: 01/11/2021

The Jack In The Green InnLondon RoadRockbeareExeterEX5 2EE

conversion of existing roof space to habitable use to create a 2 x bed self-contained manager flat to existing pub. | Validated: 01/11/2021

58 Springfield RoadExmouthEX8 3JY

Conversion of roof space to habitable use to include a front and rear dormer | Validated: 01/11/2021

5 Rookswood LaneRockbeareExeterEX5 2LG

Conversion of garage to a habitable use | Validated: 29/10/2021

RomanyRoman RoadKilmingtonAxminsterEX13 7RZ

Proposed single storey rear and side storey link extensions | Validated: 29/10/2021

Otter Bungalow And HomeleighBack LaneNewton PopplefordSidmouthEX10 0EY

Rebuild external garden walls and external steps to Otter Bungalow and Holmleigh | Validated: 29/10/2021

Court BarnSouthertonOttery St MaryEX11 1SE

Removing existing old septic tank and replacing with small treatment plant in same location | Validated: 29/10/2021

61 York CrescentFenitonHonitonEX14 3DQ

Single storey front porch extension with pitched roof and rooflights and single storey rear extension with flat roof | Validated: 29/10/2021

Brookhill House 60 New StreetHonitonEX14 1BZ

T1,Yew Tree : fell - out grown its position/ unsightly & causing damage to the wallT2, Spruce : fell - out grown its position & growing to close to ancient stone wallT3,Macrocarpa : fell - remove as growing to close to the wall & shading broadleaf trees T4, Beech : Remove lowest limb that's close to the garage roof back to the stem T5, Purple Plumb : fell & remove (dead) | Validated: 29/10/2021

6 WhitefieldWilmingtonHonitonEX14 9JJ

Two-storey rear extension and single storey side extension. | Validated: 29/10/2021