East Devon residents Coronavirus update - Friday 6 August 2021

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East Devon residents and business update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update - 6 August 2021

Please find below our latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) update for East Devon residents and businesses with information we hope will be of interest to you.

In this issue...

  • Have your say on how £3m should be spent on East Devon public toilets 
  • Join Friar Tuck in the merry greenwood for feasting, fun and family-friendly adventure!

  • Don't be a selfish parker

  • Furlough is coming to an end.  Are you ready?

  • Fines for anti-social behaviour can now be handed out across wider Exmouth

East Devon public toilets set to get £3m revamp


More than £3million is going to be spent on upgrading a number of public toilets across East Devon, saving the council thousands of pounds on running costs for years to come.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is planning to use a substantial amount of capital investment to ensure the district has the best, most modernised loos, located in the right place, that cost less money to run while also maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

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Have your say and complete the online questionnaire. The consultation is running for the next eight weeks and closes at 5pm on Friday, 1 October 2021. 

Fines for anti-social behaviour can now be handed out across wider Exmouth


Summer Safety Marshals will be helping to ensure residents and visitors alike across Exmouth with regular patrols this summer. 

The pair will be in Exmouth throughout the summer on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer, until the end of September.

Their principle role is to encourage responsible and compliant behaviour in order to prevent various kinds of anti-social behaviour (ASB) from developing or escalating, prioritising drinking related to ASB, dog control, littering, considerate use of the beach areas, reinforcing the messaging around appropriate parking of campervans and motorhomes  alongside a basic Covid reassurance and welcome back role.

These Patrols along with the recently varied Anti-Social Behaviour Public Spaces Protection Order -ASB PSPO, should make Exmouth a more pleasant and safer place for people to live, work and visit. 

The varied ASB PSPO addresses the following anti-social behaviour: 

  • Possessing intoxicating substance including alcohol
  • Urination and defecation within a street or public place
  • Aggressive requests for money
  • Intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress
  • Dispersal of groups causing Intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress

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Are you ready for adventure this summer?

tuck in

Join Friar Tuck in the merry greenwood for feasting, fun and family-friendly adventure!

Cranbrook Education Campus:  Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August.

This summer The Clyst Valley Regional Park is proud to be bringing a marvellous piece of outdoor theatre to Cranbrook in the heart of the Clyst Valley.

The show is “The Tuck Inn” from The Common Players, and will take place over three day at the Cranbrook Education Campus.

See a video trailer, get more information, and to book (essential) here.

Don't be a selfish parker

Selfish parkers

As popular beauty spots get busier throughout summer, parking can become a problem so please plan ahead and be kind, park with others in mind! 

It is not okay to park:

- Obstructing the pavement

- On or blocking someone's driveway

- If the lines and signs say you can't

- In a designated bay you are not eligible to use

- Taking up more than one space

Here is more information on East Devon car parks

Helping holiday makers have a safe stay in East Devon

east devon beach

The restrictions placed on international travel by COVID 19 has seen a dramatic increase in demand for holidays in East Devon. If you run holiday accommodation which uses a private water supply it’s important to be aware of the regulations that affect your water. Holiday accommodation is considered to be a commercial activity under regulation 9 of the Private Water Supply Regulations 2016 England (as amended). This includes:

  • Camp sites (whether licensable or not).
  • Holiday cottages
  • Caravan sites

You should tell your visitors that their accommodation is on a private water supply and how it is treated.

These water supplies need annual sampling and a routine risk assessment carried out by  East Devon District Council. Please contact us via our website if you are considering such a business venture. For further information we recommend you see the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s web pages on private supplies and engage the services of a water engineer to assess the suitability of your water supply. 



Do you know someone who is really takes climate change seriously and is going above and beyond in their local community to affect change?

Perhaps they organise litter picks or are very involved with ecological projects.

Maybe they are involved with a local food project or it’s a local business that have really upped their game relating to reducing waste.

Maybe it’s someone who you know has made big strides in their own life to reduce their environmental impact.

As part of the events leading up to COP 26 the Government is running a climate ambassadors programme and are looking for everyday people who are doing their bit to tackle climate change.

The aim is that these actions no matter how small will inspire others to get involved and collectively we can have a big impact.

So if you know someone or even if you want to nominate yourself then please check out this webpage and fill in the form #ONESTEPGREENER - Together For Our Planet

Exmouth car park reopens after being closed for two years

car park

Imperial Recreation Ground Long Stay Car Park, in Exmouth, has now reopened after being closed for two years to allow a working area for the Tidal Defence Scheme. We would like to thank residents and visitors alike for their patience.

Here is more information on East Devon car parks

Exe Fitness given green light to set up at Queen's Drive Space

exe fitness poster

Following a marketing exercise, Exe Fitness has been given the go ahead to use the former car park on Queen’s Drive space as an outdoor hub of fitness and well-being to serve the community.

The organisation hope to work with other local businesses to provide a space for anyone in the community to have the opportunity to exercise, free from judgement or worry.

Some of the initiatives Exe Fitness are exploring are:

  1. Free accessible classes for those affected by poverty
  2. Youth classes
  3. Senior classes
  4. Progressive classes
  5. Working with other fitness groups
  6. Collaborating with local business

Those interested to hear more should contact Exe Fitness via Instagram or Facebook.

LED Leisure: The benefits of strength training


With gyms across the UK reopening on the 12th of April earlier this year, many people have enjoyed coming back to the gym, taking part in group exercise classes and returning to the swimming pool.

If you want to get back to your previous fitness levels or are looking to try something new and exciting then this blog is for you!

In this blog, I will share with you the benefits of strength training. Strength training is suitable for LED members of all ages and abilities. Regular strength training can improve your heart health, and strengthen your joints and muscles, as well as making it easier for you to lose weight to look and feel better! Here are a few reasons you should add strength training to your programme. 

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East Devon Business update

Furlough is coming to an end.  Are you ready?

The furlough scheme will end on 30 September, so well in advance of that date you should be thinking about your return to work. This can be a daunting prospect, whether that be anxiety over the commute or just getting back into a normal work routine.

If you have any thoughts about changes to your contract, such as the hours you work, going part-time or hybrid working from home now is the time to talk them through with your employer.

Hopefully your employer has kept in touch with you to keep you informed about the business.  Be proactive and get in touch now.  By discussing any issues you may have, or any changes to your individual situation you can ensure a smooth non stressful transition back to work. 

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Refresh your skills or learn new ones to get a better-paid job

new skills

Are you looking to refresh your skills, reskill or up skill?  Perhaps you would like to learn new skills in order to transition into a better-paid job.  Take advantage of a wide range of fully funded FREE training on offer.  By adding to your skills, you can position yourself as versatile and ready to take on another role at work or learn new skills to help you get the dream job you have always wanted.

Where to find new Skills training support

  1. SMART SKILLS is aimed at employees seeking training options, the unemployed or those on furlough. It offers a range of FREE flexible training, with many courses online, from introductory through to full higher-level qualifications.
  2. The Skills Toolkit, offers free courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs. Includes general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills.
  3. Future Learn - Learn online with world class universities and industry experts. Develop new skills with flexible courses, from 4 hour courses to degree modules. Small fee for some courses.

Check if you can claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

If you're self-employed or a member of a partnership and have been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) find out if you can use this scheme to claim a grant.

The fifth round of the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) is now available for businesses whose profits will be impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) between 1 May 2021 and 30 September 2021.

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If you want to stay up to date with the latest news about grants for East Devon businesses, or other news about business opportunities, funding and training, you must subscribe to East Devon Business news

East Devon news and council meetings

Our latest news headlines and newsletters

East Devon District Council also produce regular newsletters and news on different topics, in the last week we have issued the following which may be of interest:

Dates of next East Devon council meetings

Over the next fortnight the following East Devon District Council meetings are taking place.  Any public meetings will be streamed live to the Council’s YouTube channel, and in the event of difficulties these will be streamed on our Facebook page instead. 

Wednesday, 11 August


EDDC Recycling News

Recycling Update: Sorry for the delays and thank you for your patience


Due to on-going staff shortages we were unable to make some recycling collections on the scheduled day this week.

We have crews working this Saturday to catch-up.

If your collection has not been made during the week please leave your recycling containers out at the normal collection point and we will endeavour to make the collection on Saturday.

Thank you for your patience

For further updates please visit our website or download the app here.

An extra note to say....

Most East Devon residents are really good at recycling.

We are one of the best areas in the country for recycling, however, we need everyone to play their part and to recycle as much as possible, to help us recover valuable resources to benefit the environment and the economy.

You can find information on what you can recycle and which containers to put your recycling here.

Thank you.

The Recycling Team

Wild East Devon

Wild East Devon and Wild Exmouth Events this fortnight:

wild ed

Seaton Wetlands Summer Holiday Club 2021

2 August 2021 10am - 20 August 2021 4pm

Adventurous outdoors holiday club for kids at Seaton Wetlands.

£35 per child, per day

Storytelling with Clive Pig

4 August 2021 10:00am - 3:00pm

Dynamic storytelling with a wildlife and seaside twist from the internationally famous performer Clive Pig – aka Mister Storyfella.

Family Yoga

7 August 2021 10am - 11am

Go on a magical outdoor yoga journey to fill your heart, mind and body with happiness in nature.

£1.00 per adult.

£2.00 per child.

Book here

Outdoor Meditation at Seaton Wetlands

11 August 2021 10.30am - 12pm

Meditate outdoors in a spectacular and peaceful nature reserve.

£10.00 per adult.

Book here 

Family Yoga

14 August 2021 10am - 11am

Go on a magical outdoor yoga journey to fill your heart, mind and body with happiness in nature.

£1.00 per adult.

£2.00 per child.

Book here

Mindfulness Session

15 August 2021 9am - 10am

Meditate outdoors in a spectacular and peaceful green space.

Free for adults.

Free for children.

Book here

To keep in touch with the Wild East Devon Team follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Stage Four: Let's keep life moving


Most legal restrictions to control COVID-19 have been lifted in England. However, everybody needs to continue to remain cautious.

Help protect those around you by remembering to ventilate.

Let’s keep life moving.

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