East Devon residents' Coronavirus update Friday 5 June 2020

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Coronavirus weekly residents update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update - 5 June 2020

Welcome to the weekly Coronavirus (Covid-19) update for East Devon residents. We are working to keep you informed through this email update and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pages on our website, which have all our latest information, and links to the Government, the NHS and our community.

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Mobile COVID-19 test facility to be set up in Honiton

Mobile Test Centre

If you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19, you can now be tested for the virus through the Government’s free Test and Trace operation at a temporary testing facility that will be open in Honiton from Monday 8th June.

The site, at the car park at Lace Walk (EX14 8LT) will be open from 10am but you must register via the Government’s online portal before you arrive. This speeds up the process and will reduce any queuing time.

If for any reason you are unable to register in advance, the MOD personnel who are delivering the testing facility on behalf of the Government’s Department of Health and Social Care, may allow tests to be carried out after you have completed a registration form on site.

Full details about booking your test can be found by looking at the NHS website.

Happy Devon Day!

Devon Flag

This week we have had a double celebration as we celebrated Devon Day on Thursday 4th June and today we mark St Boniface Day (who since May 2019 has been) the Patron Saint of Devon. 

East Devon District Council Leader Councillor Paul Arnott joined the celebrations by saying “Although the idea of Devon Day is still only a few years old - and our wonderful green, white and black flag is not much older - it is never too late for a new tradition. In recent months thousands of us have thanked our lucky stars that we live here and it's good to celebrate that.

On Devon Day we also have a chance to consider the man to whom our flag is dedicated, St Petroc, whose outward looking life took him around the south west, to Britanny and to Ireland. Devon people are at their best when they feel an affiliation for the place where we live while reaching out to engage with the wider world. Let's hope that before too long that is what we will be able to do again."

A huge thank you to all our volunteers

Volunteer Week

So many people have volunteered in East Devon over these last few months due to coronavirus and we can celebrate their work this week as it's Volunteers Week. It's an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. Although the coronavirus pandemic has stopped many of the things that would normally happen, it has been amazing the number of people who have been helping and getting involved in their local area. If you are volunteer, this is the week we salute and thank you!

Dates of next week's East Devon virtual council meetings 

East Devon News

This coming Monday 8th June there will be an Extraordinary Virtual meeting of the council which will take place at 6pm.

On Tuesday 9th June at 2pm there will be a Virtual Cabinet meeting.

All our virtual committee meetings can be now viewed via our YouTube channel, search for 'East Devon District Council' and visit the website for the agenda for any meeting. 

Can you help us with your cardboard recycling?

Cardboard recycling

Due to the amount of internet shopping and home deliveries we are all recycling very large quantities of cardboard at the moment.

At times this is filling our recycling trucks up very quickly and we may have to leave some cardboard behind at some households.

If this is the case please help our crews and store your extra cardboard and put out for future collections. Our crews will collect it eventually!

Thank you for your patience and please keep recycling.

Summer Car Parking Tariffs begin

Our summer car parking tariffs started on Thursday 4th June across all East Devon District Council car parks. Free parking continues for NHS staff, Social Care staff and volunteers in all EDDC pay and display car parks. Please display a note with appropriate form of ID on your windscreen.

For more information visit our website

East Devon Coronavirus Community Support Hub Hotline

Community Hub update

Since it was set up on 30 March our Coronavirus Community Hub Hotline has received on average 50 calls per day since opening. It is supporting people with finding help for food deliveries and picking up prescriptions.

Individuals or organisations can now request or offer community support by filling out one of our online form​s. You can search by postcode on the East Devon District Council Coronavirus Community Support Hub to find your local group or organisation providing support at this time.

Call the Community Hub hotline now on 01395 571500 if you, or a group you know, needs help or you would like to volunteer. The line is open normally Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Coronavirus Community Support Hub News

Exmouth Community Larder tell us their story

We’ve been featuring the amazing general community efforts in our weekly newsletters. This week we feature two great stories, firstly we thought we do something a bit different and feature one of East Devon’s fabulous foodbanks and tell their story.

“The Exmouth Community Larder was started in 2012 to provide food to anyone in Exmouth in a food emergency - no food in the house, no money to buy food - as referred by a suitable support agency.   We now include Lympstone, Exton, Woodbury, both Budleighs and Otterton based on donations we receive from churches, schools and others in Exmouth and the whole area.

Read more about this great community project.

Cranbrook Covid-19 Community Connections – residents working together

Cranbrook Community Response

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the beginning of the period of emergency measures on 16 March 2020, Cranbrook Town Council has been working together with several local agencies to ensure residents are supported through this challenging time. This has truly been an all-round community effort.

Reverend Lythan Nevard (Cranbrook Cornerstone Church) and Community Development Worker Aynsley Jones (Cranbrook Town Council) have been leading on coordinating the local emergency response efforts.

Read more to find out about this amazing project.

Face coverings to be required when using public transport

Face masks on Public Transport

From 15 June, face coverings will be required while using public transport in England.

Wherever possible people should continue to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive, but for some people this may not be an option. 

People should wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before putting their face covering on and after taking it off and it is important that people don’t touch their face covering when wearing it, where possible, to avoid hand to mask transmission of the virus.

Business Update

Business update

Sign up to our weekly business update to make sure you read the latest business news. This week we update you on the various new Government initiatives to help and support you at this time, plus a great range of training courses and initiatives.

The local authority discretionary grant fund for businesses will be reviewed by East Devon District Council’s cabinet next Tuesday 9 June, which starts at 2pm and we will update you on this afterwards.

Simply visit our website, add your email address and choose the ‘business’ topic. You can read this week’s edition by clicking on the link. 

Thelma Hulbert Gallery update

Thelma Hulbert Gallery’s doors may be closed but they are staying connected online, sharing art practices and workshops to help keep our spirits up.

Mike Perry


Mor Plastig (Sea of Plastic) © Eilir Pierce

Mike Perry is an artist whose work engages with significant and pressing environmental issues, in particular the tension between human interventions in the natural environment and the fragility of the planet’s ecosystems. Mike discusses Mor Plastig - a series of his photographs showing objects found in the landscape at 1:1 scale, capturing the effect of nature (sea and sand) on the surfaces of industrially produced materials.

Part of Culture + Climate 2020 in partnership with East Devon AONB, NATURE SHORTS is an online series showcasing art practices which inspire, build creativity and deepen our connection with nature especially during isolation. Every Wednesday, May to June.

Wild East Devon update

Otter Cam

Wild East Devon

‘Shy and secretive, otters are water loving mammals which spend their lives in or near water sources. We once almost lost otters from the UK, after years of hunting, habitat destruction and pesticide use,  their numbers crashed. Pleasingly at our Seaton Wetlands nature reserve there has been regular signs that otters have moved in to the nature reserve and made themselves at home. Along the water edges the rangers have almost daily seen otter tracks and spraints, although the elusive resident was reluctant to show themselves. Trail cameras are a great way to capture footage of wildlife during the times you are away, and do not disturb the animals. They can be attached easily to a branch or tree in an area where you think animals use regularly, taking images triggered by any movement nearby.  The trail cameras have picked up regular photos and videos of the otter patrolling his territory. We think this otter is a male, a dog otter, by his large size and broad face. So far he seems to be generally nocturnal, most often picked up by the otter cam at night or at dusk just after sunset.  So far we haven’t seen any footage of a female in the area, but no doubt there probably is one further down the river. We are hopeful one might appear closer to the wetlands, which would be fantastic! As the otter has been very active, we are hoping that his presence will deter any invasive american mink in the area. Although otters are much more shy and secretive that the American mink, they are also bigger and stronger. A large male Otter would see mink as competition for food and prime habitat and would likely drive off any mink from his territory. As there has been increasing signs of an otter in the area, we have also had less signs of any mink around. This is great news and we hope that the otter remains at the wetlands in the future!’

Otter cam

To keep in touch with the Wild East Devon Team follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

NHS Open for Business

You can still contact your GP, 111 online or call 111 for help. If you are told to go to hospital, you must go. The NHS will give you the care you need www.nhs.uk

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