Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership | Issue 3

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Prevent and National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

Last week marked National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week which sets out to inform members of the public about terrorism, what is being done to tackle it, how communities can help and how to stay safe and vigilant to the threat from terrorism.  

CONTEST is central Government’s counter-terrorism strategy and focuses on four areas of work; Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare. 

Prevent aims to stop people from being drawn into violent extremism and in East Sussex agencies across the county work together on the East Sussex Prevent Board (ESPB) to reduce the risk of people living or working in the county being drawn into violent extremism. 

The ESPB manages threat, risk and vulnerability by developing an Action Plan which this year included work on developing activities and interventions targeted at vulnerable age groups, promoting and encouraging the reporting of hate crime and developing safeguarding systems.

Eastbourne Borough Council supports the ESPB but, more locally, has also developed its own Prevent action plan.  Prevent is also a key priority for the Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership.  The Partnership has supported initiatives to raise awareness of the signs of violent extremism, to safeguard children and young people from online radicalisation and extremism and to host an interfaith conference to work towards breaking down the barriers between different religions.  

To find out more about Prevent visit: Prevent - GOV.UK 

To find out more about National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week visit: National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week - GOV.UK


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Bikeability is a cycle training programme that offers cyclists help to develop practical skills and understanding on how to cycle safely.  Bikeability is for all ages and provides training to groups, families and individuals at skill levels ranging from learners to experienced cyclists. 

As the number of miles cycled per year increases across the UK, the Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership faces new challenges.  The ‘Bits for Bikes’ initiative works to support Bikeability by taking steps to supply bicycles to children that would otherwise have gone without.  Abandoned and fly tipped bicycles are collected by Eastbourne Borough Council and are then delivered to Sussex Downs College to be repaired.  Once repaired, the bicycles are supplied to disadvantaged children so that they can take part in the important road safety training.  

The project organiser commented that “Sussex Downs College has been ‘doing up’ abandoned and broken bicycles that would previously have gone to land fill and contributed to waste and fly tipping.  By repairing the bicycles, the students have learned new skills and were able to play their part in the Bikeaility scheme.”

Road Safety is a key priority for the partnership. Alongside bikeability, work this year has focused on anti-social driving, speeding and parking outside of schools.

To find out more about Bikeability visit: Bikeability.org.uk

To book a Bikeability course visit: Bikeability - East Sussex



East Sussex Family and Carers Team

Drugs and alcohol present a wide range of social and health issues within our communities.  Substance misuse can often lead to criminal behaviour and can have a serious impact on individuals, their families and people with mental health issues.

Support is available for people affected by substance misuse or mental health and the recently launched Cranstoun East Sussex Family & Carers Team (ESFACT) takes this further by offering support to people who are being affected by someone else’s dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health issues.

ESFACT believe that “it is not easy to overcome drug or alcohol dependency, particularly if also experiencing mental ill health.  Family carers and friends can often be a vital avenue of support and can provide the hope and inspiration people need to turn their lives around.” 

The ESFACT team offer advice and signposting, drop-ins, support groups and one-to-one sessions as well as workshops and training for clients and volunteers across East Sussex.

To find out more about ESFACT visit: www.cranstoun.org