Posting declaration: enforcement begins on 1 October

white lorry at premises

Posting declaration: enforcement begins on 1 October

From 1 October 2023, DVSA will begin enforcement of the posting declaration regulation for lorry drivers.

DVSA's responsibilities cover EU operators carrying goods between loading and unloading points which are both in the UK.

For EU operators working in the UK, drivers making posting journeys must carry a copy of the posting declaration as evidence that it has been completed.

Roadside checks

Our examiners will check declarations at the roadside.

Where a driver does not have the correct declarations, the operator will face enforcement action.

Unauthorised journeys can be prohibited following roadside stops.

Requirements for UK hauliers

As a UK operator, before your drivers transport goods between 2 points in the EU for commercial purposes, you must declare the details on the road transport posting declaration portal.

This requirement came into effect on 2 February 2023.

Declaring the details is known as making a posting declaration. 

EU Member States can enforce these requirements on UK operators.

You can access more information on how to declare you’re transporting goods inside the EU on GOV.UK.