Update: Seatbelt buckle guards

Seatbelt buckle guard

Update: Seatbelt buckle guards

On 9 February DVSA issued an email alert to public service vehicle (PSV) operators to advise them not to use seatbelt buckle guards.


DVSA’s priority is the safety of PSV passengers.

There is a risk the use of these guards could prevent the release of a seatbelt quickly in an emergency.

The alert was intended to support operators to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Current practice

At this stage, DVSA is highlighting the potential safety issues with the use of seatbelt buckle guards.

If DVSA examiners find evidence of the use of seatbelt buckle guards during routine roadside inspections, their first action would be to offer advice and guidance about vehicle and passenger safety.

Moving forward

DVSA wants to work with industry to develop a solution to support the safe transport of PSV users: it has no plans to target enforcement action against their use.

DVSA will continue to work with stakeholders, including the Department for Education, Department for Transport, schools, local authorities and parents so everyone affected can be confident about using transport services safely.