Theory test services – change to face covering exemption guidance in England and Wales

Theory test services – change to face covering guidance in England and Wales

We emailed you recently to let you know that face coverings are now mandatory for your pupils during a theory test in England and Wales, unless they are exempt.

We have made some small changes to our guidance for your pupils to follow if they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Exemptions in England

Exemptions in Wales

Separate room requirement

Your pupils with an exemption will still be required to take their theory test in a separate room to protect the health of other candidates and test centre employees.

A small number of our centres do not have a separate room, but we will try to arrange for an exempt candidate to be tested at the start or end of the working day.

If your pupil did not notify us that they are exempt when they made the booking, they have 2 options.

Option 1

Your pupil can still attend their booked theory test and we will do our best to accommodate them.

They may be asked to wait until a separate room becomes available or return at another time.

If we cannot accommodate them or they cannot wait, they will receive a refund and they will need to rebook their test following the booking process outlined below in option 2.

Option 2

Your pupil can cancel their test to get a refund and make a new booking on GOV.UK, carrying out the following:

  • select ‘additional support’
  • select the option ‘the support I want is not here’
  • state they ‘need a separate room as I am exempt from wearing a face covering’

Alternatively, your pupil can email us at quoting their:

  • driving licence number
  • full name, address and DOB
  • contact details
  • preferred test centre and date and time

We will then make alternative arrangements to book their theory test and notify them when a booking has been made.

Recent theory tests that did not take place

If your exempt pupil’s theory test did not take place recently as we could not accommodate them, they will need to make a new booking and follow the guidance set out in option 2.

Reminder about rapid lateral flow testing

In line with government guidance, before travelling to a theory or practical test, you and your pupil in England and Wales should take a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test.

They are free and you get a result 30 minutes after taking the test.  Getting tested regularly is the only way to know if you have the virus. If people test positive and self-isolate, it helps stop the virus spreading.

More information on lateral flow tests and ordering a test in England

More information on lateral flow tests and ordering a test in Wales